The Hercules Key
First Seen
Use Increases a keyusers physical strength and endurance
Door Hercules Necklace
Creator Hans Riffel
Issues 0
Hercules Key


The Hercules Key was first seen used by Bode Locke in February,[1] fighting for the Chain Key. It was later used by Tyler Locke the same month, and by Dodge on Scot Kavanaugh inside the caves. [2]

Power DescriptionEdit

The Hercules key makes the wearer three times as strong as they usually are.[1]

Guide to the known keys entryEdit

Hercules Breastplate
(translated from German thanks to hideousenergy)

"Half of the 8th army and a seemingly endless bunch of SS-Men were waiting there for me! I hurled Eric against the wall and heard his ribs break, as if someone had jumped on a bundle of twigs. I have to admit it sounded like music to my ears! With the other hand I hit the soldiers and they flew through the air like matchsticks. The Hercules-Key released all the power in me that I had not possessed as a goddamn cripple. But the Sturmbannführer (a military title in the 3rd Reich army - Andi Preller) knew how to wear me down/ finish me off!"