Skin Key
First Seen
Use Change racial appearance
Door None
Creator Harland Locke
Issues 1


Skin Key

The skin key was used by Kinsey Locke and Bode Locke to change their skin so that Erin Voss would talk to them.[1]

Power DescriptionEdit

The Skin Key appears like a small hand mirror with faces of 7 different races along the perimeter. By looking into the mirror with a face selected, your own appearance changes to that of the selected race.

Guide to the known keys entryEdit

..I looked into the mirror, and turned it, so I became of the African race, and my skin was dark as coal. And it is a wonderment to me. All my thoughts had, until then, been bent on finding Delacorte and beseeching her to become free and white like myself. But when I saw my black features in the mirror, I was surprised to find I liked my own face better than I had ever liked it before. Ulysses considered me for the longest of times, before offering me my hat and saying "Remember to keep your eyes down Harland. You have the White Man's habit of meeting another man's gaze, but you will fare poorly if you behave that way here in Georgia"