Shadow Key
Shadow Key
First Seen
Use Control shadows
Door Crown of Shadows
Creator Benjamin Locke
Issues 9



Bode / Dodge wearing the Crown of Shadows

Dodge found it in the basement in issue 3 of "Crown of Shadows" inside a glass of jam with "Black Currents" written on it (a pun by Rendell to hint at its location).

Power DescriptionEdit

The shadow key opens a door in the basement which leads to the "Chamber of Living Shadows," a room which contains candles and the Crown of Shadows on a stone pillar. Once the key is used on the door, the key starts to glow like a candle (it does not appear to generate heat however, as Dodge still used matches to light the candles inside the cave). By putting the key on the crown it is activated. If the user then puts it on his head, all shadows around him including his own come to life in different shapes. It is unknown how the shadows gain the form they take, but it appears that the user's shadow gives hint to his personality (for example Dodge having a wolf and Tyler, with Rendell, having centurions). If the user is skilled with the usage of the Crown, he can "wear" shadows and take on a certain shadow-like appearance. He can also merge with also the shadows to become a gigantic shadow entity, increasing his height, strength and stamina.

Shadow CrownEdit

Wearing the shadow crown gives control of the shadows in the Cave of Living Shadows. The shadows may some times be reluctant, but are always faithful to the wearer.[1]


The shadows brought to life by the crown seem to be unique to each person.

Person Shadow
Benjamin Locke Mythological creatures, including Medusa, The Minotaur, goblins and others.
Tyler Locke Centurion
Kinsey Locke Kinsey's Fear
Bode Locke Peter Pan
Lucas Caravaggio/Zack Wells Wolf
Rendell Locke Centurion
Duncan Locke Scarecrow
Ellie Whedon "Mayhemi"
Mark Cho Samurai

Guide to the known keys entryEdit

"O Wycked Night! Damn'd be Crais & Damn'd be the Redcoats & Damn'd be my own foole self. Miranda tis griev'sly hurt & lingers in the thaishold of deth! the Redcoats pursued her & the tatter'd remnants of Crais's companie into the caves but I drove them bach wit the aide of the lyving shadows. If she dies I wouldst rather be a shadow myself than remain in thys diabollicall world, knowing she wouldst never have been at riske if not for me!"