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Scot Cavendish is a main character in Netflix's Locke & Key. An avid filmmaker and the leader of the Savini Squad, Scot grows closer to Kinsey Locke when her family relocates to Matheson. He becomes wound up in their family legacy along the way. He is played by Petrice Jones.

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Scot first approaches Kinsey when he notices her sitting alone during Lunch. He tells her about a movie he and his friends are going to watch later on and invites her to come along. Despite her reluctance at first, she eventually agrees to watch the movie with them; this ends badly, however, and Kinsey begins experiencing flashbacks to when she was attacked by Sam.[1]

Scot apologizes the following day — believing it to be something he did — and invites Kinsey to watch their small-production. Eden quits during the production, however, and Kinsey agrees to fill in. This again goes very badly when the blood is poured on her head, but the scene is not cut from the movie, however.[2]

Kinsey eventually reveals the existence of the keys to Scot, and the two enjoy using the Music Box Key for a short period of time. Scot eventually becomes concerned that their use of the key is not right, when she and Gabe begin manipulating Eden.[3]

When the Savini Squad venture to the Drowning Caves on Kinsey's suggestion to shoot scenes for their upcoming short-movie, Kinsey ventures further into the caves to investigate what potentially attracted the Keepers of the Keys to the caves. She doesn't realize that the tide is rolling in, however, and the Savini Squad nearly drown; they lose all of their equipment and Scot blames her for the whole ordeal, causing the breakdown of the relationship between the two.[4]

Scot and Kinsey would later reconcile their friendship, however, Scot is disappointed to find that she is now dating Gabe. She suggests that she can date both of the boys, however, Scot declines her offer and the two decide to just be friends. Scot later aids Kinsey and the Locke Children to throw Dodge — or who they think is Dodge — through the Black Door.[5]

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