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This article is about Scot Cavendish from the Netflix adaptation. You may be looking for Scot Kavanaugh from the graphic novels.

Scot Cavendish is one of the two tritagonists (alongside Duncan Locke) of Netflix's Locke & Key. An avid filmmaker and the leader of the Savini Squad, Scot grows closer to Kinsey Locke when her family relocates to Matheson. He becomes wound up in their family legacy along the way. He is played by Petrice Jones.


Savini Squad[]

As the Lockes pull into Matheson after their long trip from Seattle, they see an ice cream shop and decide to treat themselves. The family goes into the shop where Kinsey approaches the counter to order. The clerk is Scot Canvendish who identifies them as new to the area. They pleasantly speak for a moment after which Scot tells her that their ice cream is on the house.


Scot meets Kinsey just after she arrives in Matheson.

Scot first approaches Kinsey when he notices her sitting alone during Lunch. He tells her about a movie he and his friends are going to watch later on and invites her to come along. Despite her reluctance at first, she eventually agrees to watch the movie with them; this ends badly, however, and Kinsey begins experiencing flashbacks to when she was attacked by Sam.[1]

Scot apologizes the following day — believing it to be something he did — and invites Kinsey to watch their small-production. Eden quits during the production, however, and Kinsey agrees to fill in. This again goes very badly when the blood is poured on her head, but the scene is not cut from the movie, however.[2]

Kinsey eventually reveals the existence of the keys to Scot, and the two enjoy using the Music Box Key for a short period of time. Scot eventually becomes concerned that their use of the key is not right, when she and Gabe begin manipulating Eden.[3]

When the Savini Squad venture to the Drowning Caves on Kinsey's suggestion to shoot scenes for their upcoming short-movie, Kinsey ventures further into the caves to investigate what potentially attracted the Keepers of the Keys to the caves. She doesn't realize that the tide is rolling in, however, and the Savini Squad nearly drown; they lose all of their equipment and Scot blames her for the whole ordeal, causing the breakdown of the relationship between the two.[4]

Scot and Kinsey would later reconcile their friendship, however, Scot is disappointed to find that she is now dating Gabe. She suggests that she can date both of the boys, however, Scot declines her offer and the two decide to just be friends. Scot later aids Kinsey and the Locke Children to throw Dodge — or who they think is Dodge — through the Black Door.[5]

University in England[]

Tensions arise between Scot and the Savini Squad when it is revealed that he applied for a programme of study in England. He is optimistic about the change and explains that he sent them the video the Savini Squad made and that the decision is between him and one other candidate. The members of the Savini Squad are disappointed that Scot is considering leaving them and questions if they will still be friends when he is in England.

The announcement only furthers the rift between Scot and Kinsey, who is still dating Gabe during the time. Kinsey questions if she has anything to do with the announcement, but Scot remarks that she doesn't. The two still find it difficult to talk to one another after Kinsey chose Gabe over him. Despite this, little tension grows between Scot and Kinsey.

Eventually, Scot reveals that he did not get accepted onto the program and, whilst this repairs some of the tensions between him and the Savini Squad, it does little to repair his relationship with Kinsey. Despite his best efforts, their relationship still falters due to Gabe. Not long after this announcement, it becomes clear to Kinsey and the Locke's that Gabe is not who he said he was, and upon Scot's knowledge of this, the relationship between him and Kinsey is repaired to an extent.

Over the following weeks, Scot helps Kinsey and the other Locke's in their plan to take down Gabe, and the two grow closer than ever. Eventually, the two begin dating once more and Scot helps the Locke's take down and defeat Gabe despite the dangers involved. In a conversation after Dodge's defeat, Scot comes clean and tells Kinsey that he did get accepted onto the program but declined their offer. Kinsey convinces Scot to take England up on their offer and sees him off for his travels. Kinsey throws a going away surprise party in the Keyhouse basement rec room which is also attended by Doug Brazelle, Zadie Wells and Abby.[6]

Remaining in Touch[]

Kinsey and Scot maintain a long-distance relationship and he makes a surprise return for the premiere of The Splattering II, much to the joy of his friends and Kinsey. Having recently given up the keys forever, Kinsey laments the fact that they couldn't save the Memory Key for Scot and the Savinis who will now inevitably lose their memories of the magic when they turn eighteen. However, Scot is content with this, stating that magic will always exist and they got it on tape with their movie and that "no stupid rule about forgetting is gonna take that away from us. Never." Kinsey reveals that she is now considering colleges overseas in order to be closer to Scot, much to his joy.[7]


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