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This article is about the character from the Netflix adaptation. You may be looking for Rufus Whedon from the graphic novels.

Rufus Whedon is the adopted son of Ellie Whedon. He has been looking after Keyhouse Manor's estate for years. He begins a budding relationship with the Locke Family's youngest, Bode Locke when the family moves to Matheson.


Early History[]

At some point Ellie Whedon adopted Rufus as her son. Rufus eventually began acting as a groundskeeper of Keyhouse Manor.

Throughout Locke and Key[]

He first meets Bode, when the two have an unspoken exchange when they show off their GI Joes as the Lockes visit the local ice cream parlor. Rufus meets Bode again at the shed at Keyhouse, as Bode searches for the proper lock for the newly discovered Head Key. Since Rufus seems to have a good knowledge on weapons, Bode asks his advice on an unknown enemy, and Rufus gives Bode a beartrap, advising that he should be careful with it, and that it should be baited with something the enemy would want.

After his mother's disappearance, Rufus is sent to live with his aunt and uncle in Nebraska, keeping in touch with Bode via letters. After regaining the Anywhere Key, Bode uses it to visit his best friend who now remembers there being two Dodge's on the night that Ellie disappeared. As a result, Bode correctly surmises that they sent the wrong one through the Black Door just as Kinsey learns that Gabe is in fact Dodge.

A week after Dodge's death, Rufus is finally reunited with his mother who has managed to escape from the Black Door.


Season One
Season Two


  • Rufus first appeared in episode one as a background character when he showed Bode that they had the same GI-Joe doll.[1]
  • Many of his mannerisms point towards the idea that Rufus may be autistic and has a hyper-fixation on army/war-related things.
    • His speech tends to lean towards that of a soldier's, saying things such as "affirmative" instead of yes.
      • Bode also uses this same speech mannerism when talking to Rufus.
  • Rufus gave Bode a bear trap to use against Dodge in the second episode.[2]