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This article is about Rufus Whedon, the character from the graphic novels. You may be looking for Rufus Whedon from the Netflix adaptation.

Rufus Whedon is the son of Ellie Whedon, and a friend of Bode Locke. He has an unspecified mental disorder, and is affected by the Keys in different ways than anyone else.


Rufus was born to Ellie Whedon, and presumably her boyfriend, Gil. As he grew up, Rufus' mental disorder added stress to Ellie and Gil's relationship, and eventually his father left, joining the military.[1] Rufus continued to be raised by his mother, and his abusive grandmother, Candice Whedon.[2]


After the death of Ellie Whedon, Rufus was to be sent to a group home in Boston. Before leaving, he visited Keyhouse to say goodbye to the Lockes. He saw the ghost of Bode Locke, who warned him that Dodge had taken his body. In response, Rufus attempted to strangle Dodge, but was stopped by Tyler Locke, who hit Rufus with a wrench.

Rufus was sent to McClellan Psychiatric Hospital for his attack, where he was to be held for at least a year before he could be released to the group home. He managed to escape the hospital with the help of Erin Voss, and boarded a bus back to Lovecraft to stop Dodge.[1]


A1 Rufus defeats Dodge

Rufus returned to Lovecraft and arrived at Keyhouse during Dodge's attack. He was nearly killed by a shadow, but was saved by Nina Locke, who apologized to him for his injury and institutionalization for trying to stop Dodge. Seeing Dodge about to kill Tyler Locke, Rufus grabbed Dodge and brought him to the Wellhouse, forcing Dodge, an Echo, to disappear.[3]

Rufus attended the funeral of Scot Kavanaugh and Jackie Veda, accompanied by Nina and Duncan Locke. After Bode's body was restored, he invited Rufus to live with the Lockes, and Rufus accepted the offer.[4]


  • Presumably due to his mental disorder, Rufus has unique reactions to the magic of the keys: