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This article is about Rendell Locke from the Netflix adaptation.. You may be looking for Rendell Locke from the graphic novels.

Rendell Locke is a posthumous overarching character of Netflix Locke & Key series. He was the husband of Nina Locke, and the father of Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode Locke.


Holding the Keys[]

Young Rendell Locke

Rendell Locke in his adolescence.

Little is known about Rendell's history other than that when he was younger, he would use the keys often with his brother, Duncan. They would often use the Ghost Key, and had many conversations with Chamberlain Locke.[1] He was an athletic teenager and participated in track, garnering prestige there.[2]

Later, he reveals the existence of the keys to his friends, including Ellie Whedon and Lucas Carravagio. They enjoy the keys for an unexplained amount of times, however when they use the Omega Key to open the Black Door in the Drowning Cave, they allow Dodge, a demon from another world, to enter their world and possess Lucas. Lucas later killed numerous of their friends before Rendell himself kills Lucas. With this, Erin, Mark, Rendell and Ellie split the remainder of the keys between them and vow never to use the keys again.[3]

Death and Legacy[]

Years later, Dodge convinces Sam Lesser to find the keys for her. He attacks Rendell and the Locke Family and ends up killing Rendell before being arrested by the police. This triggers the Locke Family to move to Keyhouse where their nightmare begins.[4] He is seen one last time by his wife when Bode lets her use the Head Key.[5]

Known Victims[]


Season One
Season Two


  • His friend Mark hid many keys and ignited himself into flames, but Dodge still found the keys with the help of Sam, who she recruited.
  • Rendell is responsible for killing Lucas when he was possessed, and removing Duncan's memories.
  • Chamberlin Locke revealed that he and Duncan used the Ghost Key regularly as children.
  • He hid the Omega Key inside of his head and was one of the only ones to know where it was hidden.


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