This article is about Lucas, a character from the graphic novels. You may be looking for Lucas Caravaggio, a character from the Netflix adaptation.

Lucas Don Caravaggio was a close friend of Rendell Locke, and boyfriend of Ellie Whedon, before becoming possessed by the demon from the Black Door.


Lucas Caravaggio attended Lovecraft Academy with Rendell Locke, Ellie Whedon, Kim Topher, Mark Cho, and Erin Voss.[1] After a successful performance of The Tempest using the keys, the group decided to try to open the Black Door and use the Whispering Iron to bypass the Riffel Rule. Their plan was working until Rendell's younger brother Duncan came into view, having followed them down into the caves. Lucas saved Duncan but became possessed by a demon in the process.[2]

Realizing what had happened, Lucas's friends took out his memories to reduce the damage "Dodge" could do. Dodge caught on their plan and took back his memories. He tried to open the Black Door again but was stopped, Lucas's body being crushed to death in the process.[3][4]

Rendell's son Tyler would eventually summon an Echo of Lucas, still possessed by the demon. He used the Alpha Key on him, freeing him but killing him a final time in the process. As he lay dying, Lucas apologized for what he had done under the demon's influence and hoping that he would have an eternity to pray for Ellie's forgiveness. Tyler assured him that he wouldn't have to wait that long. Lucas finally died and his echo dissipated as Tyler took it out of the well house.[5]


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