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This article is about Kinsey Locke from the Netflix adaptation. You may be looking for Kinsey Locke from the graphic novels.

Kinsey Locke is one of the three main protagonists of Netflix Locke & Key. As the only daughter of Locke family, she changes her appearance upon return to Lovecraft in hopes of blending in with the other locals. Unbeknownst to her—or anyone around her—her father gifted her the Anywhere Key in a gold bracelet worn around her wrist. She unknowingly dates Dodge, who uses the Identity Key to take on the appearance of "Gabe". She is played by Emilia Jones.


Early History[]

Kinsey was born to Rendell and Nina Locke as their second child and only daughter. On her eighth birthday, Rendell treated her to an aquarium.[1]

Throughout Locke and Key[]

Adapting to Keyhouse life[]

Kinsey initially struggles to adapt to her new life at Keyhouse Manor, including attending a new school. She overhears a conversation about a party, and the girls suggest inviting Kinsey, but decide against it. All of this causes her to eat lunch on her own multiple times, given Tyler makes new friends and does not wish to eat with her.[2] Eventually, Scot Cavendish begins sitting with her, and the two grow closer and closer, and he eventually asks if she would like to be a member of the Savini Squad. After Eden quits the movie they're making, Kinsey is handed her role, although she is reluctant at first.[3]

Kinsey has a break down at the sight of the blood.

She struggles with the premise of the movie, and while she's being drenched in blood Doug hits the tarp which triggers a flashback to the trauma her family endured at the hands of Sam Lesser. This makes her want to quit the movie, however, she decides against it and the movie goes ahead. Scot does not cut the specific scene in which Kinsey has a break down as he believes it brings character to the movie.[3]

Experience with the Keys[]

Kinsey initially does not believe Bode when he tells her about the "Well Woman" and the magical keys. She is further infuriated when Bode breaks her bracelet — finding the Anywhere Key — however, is unable to show her the capabilities of the key when she asks to go to the Eiffel Tower.[4][2]. She later helps Bode and Tyler in saving their mother, Nina, from the mirror when she uses the Mirror Key and becomes trapped inside.

Despite having helped save Nina, and experienced the power of the keys firsthand, she is reluctant to believe Bode when he shows her the key and its uses the following morning. She does believe him to a degree, however, but is told by Tyler to forget about the keys and the event that occurred the previous night.[3]

Later that night, she and Tyler notice Bode with the Head Key in his neck. Bode invites them inside of his head, and this becomes the moment wherein they truly believe in the power of the keys.[3] Bode shows them some of his most precious memories with their father, however they all disagree on how the story was meant to end. When they emerge from Bode's head, Bode tells the two about Dodge (although he refers to her as Echo/Well Woman), and her quest to steal the keys from him. Tyler divides the keys between the Locke's, handing Kinsey the Head Key to protect.[5]

Later, Kinsey uses the key with Tyler to show him some of her memories. Her memories are represented as a Mall, with each of the storefronts representing a different memory. She shows Tyler the memory of their father telling the story, and they finally agree on how the story ends. The memory quickly changes, however, and they find themselves in a memory of the day their father was killed by Sam. Tyler is attacked by a figure in her head — later revealed to be her fear — and they promptly leave. Kinsey returns later and drags the figure from her head, burying it, but eliminating her fear in the process.[5]

Tyler and Kinsey find the Music Box Key shortly after and, pairing it with the Music Box, they discover that it has the ability to control people. She uses the box on Eden, manipulating her into embarrassing herself in front of the whole school canteen. Things get worse, however, when she allows Gabe to experiment with the key; this causes a rift between Scot and Kinsey.[6]

Relationship with Scot[]

Scot and Kinsey grow closer when she accepts his offer to star in his small-movie. They begin talking more, however, and Scot invites her to a gig with him. She tells him that she isn't sure, but will get back to him. She later begins typing a message agreeing to go to the concert with him, however, deletes the message and decides against it. She arrives at the gig later on, but turns back, however, standing Scot up.[5]

Kinsey later apologizes for standing Scot up and, having removed her fear, she invites Scot for a tour of Keyhouse. She reveals the existence of the keys to Scot, who is confused at first but amazed by the revelation, citing that he always knew magic existed. The two kiss, and this marks the first beginnings of their romantic relationship together.[5] They decide that they can use the keys to make improvements to their short-movie, and they add a scene to the movie in which Kinsey is dragged by a tree vine.[7]

Kinsey discovered the Black Door.

Having lost their shot to film some of their scenes at the Docks, Kinsey suggests filming at the Drowning Caves, following an urge to visit them for numerous days previously. They arrive at the Drowning Cave, and Kinsey insists that they should venture deeper, as she follows the whispering of the keys. She ultimately finds a large door — which is eventually revealed as the Black Door — with an omega symbol surrounding it. Gabe tells her that the Savini Squad must leave the caves, however as the tide is rising and they may drown.[8] Her relationship with Scot and the Savini Squad is fractured, however, as they lose all of their equipment and end things on bad terms.

She begins growing closer, however with Gabe, and the relationship with Scot ends for good when he finds out that the two are dating. Kinsey suggests that she can date them both, however, Scot tells her that he does not agree with her suggestion and the two can both be friends. Unbeknownst to Kinsey, Gabe is a disguise conjured by Dodge with the Identity Key, allowing her to grow closer to Kinsey without her knowing.[9]


Kinsey has an introvert personality, having long harbored a desire to sit up and make people notice her. While stuffy, she is a loyal friend with her heart in the right place and is hesitant to fight anyone, even Sam.

She is somewhat naive when it comes to boys, as she is initially rather overtrusting of Scot and later suggests she can date two people at once. Kinsey can also be impulsive and has a tendency to jump to action without thinking of the consequences. This has come back to bite her, such as nearly drowing inside the Sea Caves when the tide came in, and trying to remove her Fear by force, only for it to manifest later as a physical threat. She is still resourceful, however, using a lasso to ensure Bode's fortunate predicament in the mirror dimension.


Season One


  • Kinsey is the protagonist of the series, having the most screen time; it is primarily from her POV that the events of the first season unfold.
  • She was, unknowingly, in possession of the Anywhere Key, which was hidden in a gold bracelet worn around her wrist.[2]
  • She and Tyler discover the location of the Omega Key; it is hidden in their father's urn.
  • After Kinsey removes her fear using the Head Key, making her fearless and brave.[5] However, this results in her fear becoming a separate entity.[10]



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