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This article is about Kinsey Locke from the Netflix adaptation. You may be looking for Kinsey Locke from the graphic novels.

Best available idea doesn't make something a good idea.

–Kinsey to the other Keepers of the Keys.

Kinsey Locke is one of the three main protagonists of Netflix Locke & Key. As the only daughter of Locke family, she changes her appearance upon return to Matheson in hopes of blending in with the other locals. Unbeknownst to her—or anyone around her—her father gifted her the Anywhere Key in a gold bracelet worn around her wrist. She unknowingly dates Dodge, who uses the Identity Key to take on the appearance of "Gabe". She is played by Emilia Jones.


Early History[]

Young Kinsey Locke

Kinsey Locke in her youth.

Kinsey was born to Rendell and Nina Locke as their second child and only daughter. On her eighth birthday, Rendell treated her to an aquarium.[1]

Life in Matheson[]

Adapting to Keyhouse life[]

Kinsey initially struggles to adapt to her new life at Keyhouse Manor, including attending a new school. When her family arrives in Matheson after moving across the country from Seattle, she and her family is treated to ice cream by Scot Cavendish. Later, at school, she overhears a conversation about a party, and the girls suggest inviting Kinsey, but decide against it. All of this causes her to eat lunch on her own multiple times, given Tyler makes new friends and does not wish to eat with her.[2]

Kinsey breaks down 102

Kinsey has a break down at the sight of the blood.

Eventually, Scot begins sitting with her, and the two grow closer and closer, and he eventually asks if she would like to be a member of the Savini Squad. After Eden quits the movie they're making, Kinsey is handed her role, although she is reluctant at first. She struggles with the premise of the movie, and while she's being drenched in blood Doug hits the tarp which triggers a flashback to the trauma her family endured at the hands of Sam Lesser. This makes her want to quit the movie, however, she decides against it and the movie goes ahead. Scot does not cut the specific scene in which Kinsey has a break down as he believes it brings character to the movie.[3]

Experience with the Keys[]

Kinsey initially does not believe Bode when he tells her about the "Well Woman" and the magical keys. She is further infuriated when Bode breaks her bracelet — finding the Anywhere Key — however, is unable to show her the capabilities of the key when she asks to go to the Eiffel Tower.[4][2] She later helps Bode and Tyler in saving their mother, Nina, from the mirror when she uses the Mirror Key and becomes trapped inside.

Despite having helped save Nina, and experienced the power of the keys firsthand, she is reluctant to believe Bode when he shows her the key and its uses the following morning. She does believe him to a degree, however, but is told by Tyler to forget about the keys and the event that occurred the previous night. Later that night, she and Tyler notice Bode with the Head Key in his neck. Bode invites them inside of his head, and this becomes the moment wherein they truly believe in the power of the keys.[3] Bode shows them some of his most precious memories with their father, however they all disagree on how the story was meant to end. When they emerge from Bode's head, Bode tells the two about Dodge (although he refers to her as Echo/Well Woman), and her quest to steal the keys from him. Tyler divides the keys between the Lockes, handing Kinsey the Head Key to protect. Later, Kinsey uses the key with Tyler to show him some of her memories. Her memories are represented as a Mall, with each of the storefronts representing a different memory. She shows Tyler the memory of their father telling the story, and they finally agree on how the story ends. The memory quickly changes, however, and they find themselves in a memory of the day their father was killed by Sam. Tyler is attacked by a figure in her head — later revealed to be her fear — and they promptly leave. Kinsey returns later and drags the figure from her head, burying it, but eliminating her fear in the process.[5]

Tyler and Kinsey find the Music Box Key shortly after and, pairing it with the Music Box, they discover that it has the ability to control people. She uses the box on Eden, manipulating her into embarrassing herself in front of the whole school canteen. Things get worse, however, when she allows Gabe to experiment with the key; this causes a rift between Scot and Kinsey.[6]

Relationship with Scot[]

Scot and Kinsey grow closer when she accepts his offer to star in his small-movie. They begin talking more, however, and Scot invites her to a gig with him. She tells him that she isn't sure, but will get back to him. She later begins typing a message agreeing to go to the concert with him, however, deletes the message and decides against it. She arrives at the gig later on, but turns back, however, standing Scot up. Kinsey later apologizes for standing Scot up and, having removed her fear, she invites Scot for a tour of Keyhouse. She reveals the existence of the keys to Scot, who is confused at first but amazed by the revelation, citing that he always knew magic existed. The two kiss, and this marks the first beginnings of their romantic relationship together.[5] They decide that they can use the keys to make improvements to their short-movie, and they add a scene to the movie in which Kinsey is dragged by a tree vine.[7]

The Black Door Netflix

Kinsey discovered the Black Door.

Having lost their shot to film some of their scenes at the Docks, Kinsey suggests filming at the Drowning Caves, following an urge to visit them for numerous days previously. They arrive at the Drowning Cave, and Kinsey insists that they should venture deeper, as she follows the whispering of the keys. She ultimately finds a large door — which is eventually revealed as the Black Door — with an omega symbol surrounding it. Gabe tells her that the Savini Squad must leave the caves, however as the tide is rising and they may drown.[8] Her relationship with Scot and the Savini Squad is fractured, however, as they lose all of their equipment and end things on bad terms.

Kinsey hugs Dodge

Kinsey bonded with "Gabe" for a short period of time.

She begins growing closer, however with Gabe, and the relationship with Scot ends for good when he finds out that the two are dating. Kinsey suggests that she can date them both, however, Scot tells her that he does not agree with her suggestion and the two can both be friends. Unbeknownst to Kinsey, Gabe is a disguise conjured by Dodge with the Identity Key, allowing her to grow closer to Kinsey without her knowing.[9]

The relationship between Kinsey and Scot suffers further when Scot announces that he is leaving for England to study at University. Kinsey is confused about what this means for them, and questions whether the change has something to do with her and Gabe, but Scot reassures her that it is an excellent programme and an opportunity he cannot miss. Kinsey is saddened by the news but continues to see Gabe regardless.[10]

Visiting Erin[]

After the events the previous semester, Kinsey continues to visit Erin weekly in the hospital, talking with her as pseudo-therapy, aware that Erin can hear her but cannot communicate back with her in any way. Shortly after, Kinsey remembers Ellie's remarks about the Keepers of the Keys finding a way to remember magic, and she decides that she and Tyler should use the Head Key to go inside of Erin's head and dig around. Inside, they find a desolate Erin, blissfully unaware that she is stuck inside of her own head. Tyler and Kinsey reassure her of the fact that they are Rendell's kids and help her return to her body using the Head Key; this marks the first time Erin has had control of her body for twenty-three years.[11]

The Death of Dodge[]

Tensions with Gabe[]

Simultaneously as the relationship between her and Scot begins to falter, so does that between Kinsey and Gabe. Kinsey quickly realises that whilst she has allowed Gabe to use the Head Key on her, she has never been inside of his head. This confuses her, but makes her more inquisitive, and Kinsey asks Gabe why. Gabe becomes defensive and an argument ensues between the two when Gabe refuses to allow her inside of his head. This marks the first moment when Kinsey becomes inquisitive about the guy she has been dating all summer.

When Kinsey and Tyler are able to restore Duncan's memories of magic using the Memory Key with the aid of Erin, tensions between Gabe and Kinsey increase tenfold. Gabe becomes aware that Duncan is one of the only Lockes with the ability to create keys — having done it before — and therefore wants to get close to him. Kinsey becomes even more weary of him after she ventures within Eden's mind and it eventually becomes clear that Gabe and Dodge are one in the same. For a day after, Kinsey is forced to stay close with Dodge but lie to him about Duncan's memories returning, all whilst creating a plan to get rid of Dodge once and for all.[12]

Defeating Dodge[]

After a day of planning, the Lockes — aided by the Savini Squad — are finally able to take their revenge on Dodge and take her down once and for all. Whilst distracting "Gabe", Kinsey is able to use the Angel Key to steal the Crown of Shadows, whilst simultaneously distracting Gabe long enough for Duncan and the other Lockes to steal the Demon Key. Kinsey is able to distract Dodge long enough in the chaos that ensues to allow Tyler time to stab her with his newly created key, killing Dodge and freeing the real Lucas Caravaggio.[13] Kinsey and Scot are able to find their way back to one another following the revelation that Gabe and Dodge are one and the same, and Kinsey forces Scot to take the program in England when she finds out that he declined it to stay in Matheson with her.[14] However, Tyler decides to give Kinsey all of the keys in his possession and leave Matheson until after his eighteenth birthday, forgetting the magic rather than continuing to live with the pain that comes with it.[13]

War with Frederick Gideon[]

A New Threat Emerges[]

Months later, Kinsey is hurt by the now memory-less Tyler remaining distant from his family while living in Montana. She also maintains a long-distance relationship with Scot. However, a new threat emerges when the demons Ada and Dorothy Wheeler are accidentally released by the Snow Globe Key and begin working for the demon possessing Frederick Gideon. The two demons trap Bode as a hostage to get what they want, but Kinsey and Nina - who is now able to remember the magic thanks to Bode using the Memory Key on her - manage to defeat them and rescue Bode, trapping the two demons using the Mirror Key.[15] Kinsey also finds Eden Hawkins' body and holds a small memorial with her friends before throwing Eden's body into the ocean.[16]

Kinsey joins the rest of her family in celebrating Duncan's wedding, but they are forced to hide from Tyler Gideon and his two henchmen Samuel Coffey and James Bolton's efforts to steal the keys. During this time, Bode begins acting strange as well, something that the family notices. Eventually, with the urging of his new girlfriend Carly, Tyler makes up with Kinsey and asks for the truth. Even though Kinsey warns her brother that not all of his memories are good, he has her use the Memory Key on him, instantly restoring Tyler's memories of the magic.[17][16][18]

Shortly after Tyler returns to the fold, Nina reveals that she has found Dodge's body beneath Bode's bed. Tyler and Kinsey quickly deduce that the demon - who was accidentally displaced in time by Bode using the Timeshift Key - is possessing Bode after forcing him out of his body using the Ghost Key. Quickly subduing Dodge using the Chain Key, Tyler and Kinsey try to exorcise their old enemy and restore Bode back to his body, only to have Dodge reveal the existence of the much greater threat from Gideon who Dodge wants to stop as much as they do. With Gideon and his forces laying siege to Keyhouse, the Lockes reluctantly release Dodge and provide her with the Angel Key to fight. During the battle that follows, Kinsey, using the Hercules Key, faces off with Coffey, but she is nearly overpowered and killed. Dodge rescues Kinsey and kills the Echo by using the Angel Key to toss him through the Wellhouse door. Dodge's actions earn her Kinsey's trust and Kinsey provides Dodge with the Alpha Key so that she can kill Gideon as Kinsey has hurt her ankle and can't do it herself. However, Kinsey finds a voicemail from Duncan warning her that the Timeshift Key has a failsafe, a time limit on anything that is displaced in time remaining in the present before it disappears as if it was never there. Much to the family's horror, just as Dodge is about to kill Gideon, time runs out and she vanishes back to her own time, erasing Bode's body from existence and leaving a triumphant Gideon with all of the keys. As Gideon starts to open a portal to his world, the surviving Lockes are forced to flee from Keyhouse.[19]

On the Run[]

Tyler and Kinsey begin planning a way to bring Bode back by tricking Bolton through the Ghost Door and then having Bode take over his body. However, Bolton kidnaps Jamie Bennett, forcing them to lead him to the missing Creation Key. The two claim that they hid it in the cemetery using the Ghost Key, but Bode possesses a sparrow instead which Kinsey quickly deduces. Using the Animal Key, Kinsey changes Bode back into a human, but Gideon forces Ellie to lead him to where the Creation Key was hidden inside of the head of Gordie Shaw. After the Lockes and Rufus are locked in the pantry, they are released by Bolton whose body has been taken over by Sam Lesser, much to their shock.[20]

Kinsey is reluctant to work with a remorseful Sam, unwilling to forgive him, but Bode reveals that Sam had helped him and led Kinsey to the Angel Key. Finally, although Kinsey makes it clear that she doesn't forgive Sam, she agrees that they need his help with Tyler backing her up and Nina finally accepts Sam's help and Sam's help only as she is even less willing to forgive Sam then her children. While Nina and Bode stay behind to try to find a way to open the Harlequin Chest without the key which is in Gideon's possession, Tyler, Kinsey, Sam and Rufus go after Gideon and Ellie, only to find that Gideon has stabbed Gordie who is dying. While Rufus tends to Gordie, Tyler, Kinsey and Sam enter his head, racing Gideon for the Creation Key which Kinsey deduces is hidden inside of a piano. Sam holds off Gideon so that the others can escape from the dying Gordie's head. Although they manage to make it out, Sam remains trapped inside of Gordie's head as he dies, visibly saddening Tyler and Kinsey.[21][22]

The Cost of Victory[]

Chased by Gideon, Tyler and Kinsey race back to Keyhouse with Kinsey using the Creation Key to make them a motorcycle. Back home, Nina and Bode reveal that the chest has been impossible to open without the Harlequin Key and so they attempt to use an excavator to force the Echo through the Wellhouse door instead. However, Gideon breaks free and destroys the Wellhouse, leaving the Alpha Key as the only way to defeat him. Hit by inspiration, Kinsey uses the Creation Key to draw a door in the chest and successfully retrieves the Alpha Key just before Gideon breaks in and dangles Kinsey over his portal, threatening to drop her in if he isn't given the Creation Key. Taking advantage of her close proximity to the demon, Kinsey stabs Gideon in the heart with the Alpha Key, mortally wounding him. Gideon attempts to drop Kinsey into the portal, but Tyler and Bode pull her to safety and Nina shoves the dying demon back through the portal to his own world.[22]

In the aftermath, Tyler deduces that dropping the keys into the portal will close it. Kinsey agrees with her brother's arguments that they should give up the magic, pointing out all of the pain that it has caused them and all of the people that they've lost. At Bode's request, the family first uses the Timeshift Key to go back in time and say a final goodbye to Rendell. After Nina uses the Memory Key on Kinsey and Bode to ensure that they will never forget the magic, the Lockes drop all of the keys into the portal, closing it and giving up the magic for good.[22]

Back to Normal[]

Later, Kinsey and the Savinis release their new movie, The Splattering II, to much acclaim. Kinsey gives special thanks to Sam Lesser in the movie's credits, having forgiven him and accepted Sam's redemption for his evil acts. Scot makes a surprise appearance at the premiere, much to Kinsey's joy, although she's saddened that she was unable to save the Memory Key for Scot and her friends, meaning that they will inevitably lose their memories of the magic. Scot reassures her that he's fine with this and Kinsey reveals that she is considering overseas colleges to be closer to Scot. Before returning home to Montana, Tyler promises to keep in touch with his family better and Kinsey teases him as she is now friends with Tyler's girlfriend Carly.[22]


You seriously think you love me?!

–Kinsey to Gabe.

Kinsey has an introvert personality, having long harbored a desire to sit up and make people notice her. While stuffy, she is a loyal friend with her heart in the right place and is hesitant to fight anyone, even Sam. She has a very keen sense of style; generally wearing cargo-type pants and loose jeans with colorful tops and loose, stylish jackets. She is somewhat naive when it comes to boys, as she is initially rather over trusting of Scot and ends up dating Gabe, who she later finds out was Dodge. Kinsey can also be impulsive and has a tendency to jump to action without thinking of the consequences. This has come back to bite her, such as nearly drowning inside the Sea Caves when the tide came in, and trying to remove her Fear by force, only for it to manifest later as a physical threat. She is still resourceful, however, using a lasso to ensure Bode's fortunate predicament in the mirror dimension.

Known Victims[]


Season One
Season Two


  • Kinsey is the protagonist of the series, having the most screen time; it is primarily from her POV that the events of the three seasons unfold.
  • She was, unknowingly, in possession of the Anywhere Key, which was hidden in a gold bracelet worn around her wrist, which use to belong to her dad's ex-girlfriend, Erin.[2]
  • She and Tyler discover the location of the Omega Key; it is hidden in their father's urn.
  • Kinsey removes her fear using the Head Key, making her fearless and brave.[5] However, this results in her fear becoming a separate entity.[23]