Kinsey's Fear
(Red streak)
Kinsey's Tears

Kinsey's Fear is a small monster created when Kinsey Locke removed it from her head with the Head Key.

After being removed, together with Kinsey's Tears, Kinsey becomes completely fearless and without sadness.

It has a long twisting tongue, wild hair with a streak in it similar to Kinsey's, but blood-colored wields a black dagger and wears a newspaper that changes headline based on situation.


Head GamesEdit

At the end of the Fourth issue, Kinsey has Tyler pull the Fear and Tears out of her head and put them into a glass bottle. The Fear is bullying Tears a lot.

In the fifth issue, the two are rummaging so much in the bottle that it tips over, breaking a picture of Kinsey and Duncan Locke. The bottle is plugged with a wax candle. Later that night, when Zack Wells sneaks into Kinsey's room, Fear wakes up as he uses the Anywhere Key to travel to Duncan's place.

When Zack returns, Fear and Tears try to wake up and warn Kinsey about him. Unfortunately she doesn't believe them and has Zack put the bottle in a drawer.

Crown of ShadowsEdit

When Kinsey's shadow is controlled by Dodge in Issue 3, it takes the form of her Fear

Keys to the KingdomEdit

In the third issue, on 12. February Kinsey shows the Head Key and the bottle with Fear and Tears to Scot Kavanaugh and Jamal Saturday. By now, the bottle is completely filled with tears and the two have drowned. Kinsey believe they are gone for good.


In the second issue, Dodge, in Bode's body is looking for the Head Key in Kinsey's room and accidentally breaks the bottle with Fear and Tears. The two wake up and are mad that Kinsey let them drown. They sneak around in the house until they find their way into Tyler where they find his Bravery has locked his Fear, Hot-head, Hatred, and crazy up.

Kinsey's Fear and Tears then break them out and they all overpower Tyler's Bravery. This becomes all too much for Tyler, and he's convinced that Keyhouse has to be burned down. Kinsey stops him and uses the Head Key to pull Fear and Tears back out, and put them back in her own head and starts to cry.

In Issue three Kinsey cries repeatedly, and now seems to be unfamiliar with the feeling.