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Locke & Key: Keys to the Kingdom #1 is the first issue of the Keys to the Kingdom series, and the nineteenth issue of the series overall.



Bode Locke's teacher is talking to his mom about him not socializing much as he's playing alone.

Later, Kinsey Locke is trying to get Tyler Locke to tell her where the Omega Key is hidden, when she accidentally reveals that Zack Wells is her boyfriend and they leave. Bode then finds the Animal Key. When Zack sees Bode with the key he splits up with Kinsey to follow him, as Kinsey goes to talk to Tyler.

Back at Keyhouse, Bode has found the door the key opens and based on engravings on it understands it will turn him into his secret animalistic self. He is turned into a sparrow. Zack follows through the door, transforms into a wolf and gathers other dogs to hunt down Kinsey and Tyler. When Dodge's pack surrounds them, Dodge requests the Omega Key. Kinsey manages to beat Dodge and the two runs away. Bode, now part of a sparrow-flock, gets the other sparrows to stoop down at the dogs, distracting them. They also just barely manage to get Dodge and another dog off of Tyler. Dodge escapes and transforms back into Zack just before sparrow-Bode shows up.

Bode then runs into the woods and find the dead flock of sparrows. Kinsey and Tyler then show up.

Back in school, Bode is still playing alone in bizarre ways, but this time, one of the other kids is intrigued by his strangeness, and join him. Bode is feeling much happy to play with him. He later makes another two friends.


  • Many of the panels are drawn in the style of Calvin & Hobbes as a tribute to Bill Watterson.
  • On page 1, Bode is referred to as seven years old, while a few issues earlier, he was six.
  • On page 11, Kinsey reveals to the readers that Jordan Gates is Tyler's girlfriend now.
  • On page 18, Tyler notices the testicles on Dodge's wolf form, as he refers to in Keys to the Kingdom #5 page 20.
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