A wide variety of magical Keys are found at Keyhouse Manor.

The original keys were crafted by Benjamin Locke during the Revolutionary War.

In 1775, several revolutionary soldiers hiding from the British found the Black Door in the Drowning Cave. They were attacked by demons who came from the Black Door and attached themselves to the soldiers.

Those infected by the demons soon went mad, and killed the other soldiers, including Joshua Locke.

The demons that came through but did not have a host turned to Whispering Iron and died. Benjamin Locke "listened" to the Iron, and though he realized it was trying to "tempt" him, he determined he could craft a lock out of it. He used it to seal the Black Door to save the soldiers.

He later created several other keys, which remained in Keyhouse Manor for many generations.

Known KeysEdit

Minor KeysEdit

These keys can be seen in art, but were unused. Names are not official.

  • Yin-Yang Key
  • Question Key
  • Toy Key
  • Illuminati Key
  • Nut Key
  • Star Key
  • two other keys of unidentifiable symbolic design