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The Keys of the Locke family are a wide variety of magical keys that are found hidden throughout the Locke family home, Keyhouse Manor. The original Keys were crafted by Benjamin Locke during the eighteenth-century Revolutionary War. After Benjamin, many more keys were made by others, including: Harland and Tyler Locke, even Hans Riffel.

Description[edit | edit source]

During the war in 1775, soldiers found and opened the Black Door in the Drowning Caves, thereby releasing demons. In order to seal the door shut, Benjamin crafted a padlock and a key from Whispering Iron — which he claimed had been tempting him.[1] He later crafted numerous other keys,[2] so did many of the Lockes that followed him; these keys remained with the Locke family and were often used by them.[3]

The keys can be exchanged between owners, however, they must be willingly given, and cannot be taken from the Locke Children by force.[4][5](though keys can be taken by force from non Lockes)

It is implied that the Children of Leng whose bodies were used to make the Keys are still alive in some way, because the Keys can still whisper when they are lost and want to be found.[6] Chamberlin Locke believed that the Children of Leng that have been turned into Keys want a human to use them as weapons.[7]

Known Keys[edit | edit source]


Dagger.png indicates that the key solely appears in the Netflix series; they are not mentioned nor appear in the graphic novels.
Pilcrow.png indicates that the key appears in the graphic novels, but was redesigned and/or renamed in the Netflix series.
Dagger2.png indicates that the key first appeared in the Netflix series, but was later integrated into the graphic novels.

Meta Keys[edit | edit source]

These keys have not made an appearance in the official comics but appear in merchandise, promotional tie-ins, and/or non-canon materials.

Minor Keys[edit | edit source]

These keys can be seen in art but were unused. Note that the names are not official.

  • Yin-Yang Key
  • Toy Key
  • Illuminati Key (Seen in the Glass Ceiling and Welcome to Lovecraft 6)
  • Freemason Key (The bow of the key is decorated with a Freemason Square and Compass, in the center is a flower instead of a "G", outlined in a laurel wreath. Appears only in the Glass Ceiling)
  • Scepter Key
  • Size Key
  • Compass/Star Key
  • Two other keys of unidentifiable symbolic design

Locks that hint at potential Keys[edit | edit source]

These are locks that are seen in the art that could hint at the existence of potential Keys. Names are not official.

  • Radio Key (lock seen in Dog Days). A keyhole shape can be seen on the old fashioned radio that the two sons of Mary Locke listen to with their dog.
  • Stained Glass Key (lock seen in Omega 2). Assuming the keyhole on the Glass Ceiling is an actual keyhole and not just an image. Much like how the keyhole for the Giant Key was also a glass window.
  • Cat Key (lock seen in Small World). A lock can be seen on the collar worn by Jean and Mary Locke's pet cat, Tiberius.
  • Snow Globe Key (lock seen In Pale Battalions Go #1). One of the items that Chamberlin Locke locks in the Vault of Shadows is a Snow Globe with a miniature Keyhouse inside. At the base of the Globe (although it's hard to make out) there appears to be a keyhole/lock. Cover Art by Dennis Calero implies it will make an appearance in Hell & Gone #1.[14]

References[edit | edit source]

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