Jackson Robert Scott is a child actor who portrays the character Bode Locke in the Netflix adaptation of Locke & Key. He was previously best known for portraying the character Georgie Denbrough in It: Chapter One and It: Chapter Two.


Jackson Robert Scott was born on September 18, 2008. His first acting role was as a guest star in the hit CBS TV series Criminal Minds. He then went on to play his breakout role as the iconic character Georgie Denbrough in the 2017 remake of Stephen King's It. Scott was cast for the role of Bode Locke for the Hulu pilot of Locke & Key. While Hulu passed on the pilot, Netflix picked it up on the condition that they would recast almost every character, except for Scott as Bode. Scott also starred in the Academy Award-winning short film Skin.

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