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This article is about Jackie Veda from the Netflix adaptation. You may be looking for Jackie Veda from the graphic novels.
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Jackie Veda is a major character in Netflix's Locke & Key, serving as a major character in the first season, one of the three tritagonists (alongside Scot Cavendish and Duncan Locke) of the second season, and as a posthumous character in the third season.

A close friend of Eden's, Jackie catches Tyler's eye upon his relocation to Matheson. She soon becomes tangled within his complex family and the magic of the keys. After being possessed by a demon via the Demon Key, Jackie is set free by Tyler using newly-created Alpha Key, only to die moments later from its effects.


Relationship with Tyler[]

Jackie is initially just friends with Tyler, but is best friends with Eden Hawkins. The morning after the party at which Tyler and Eden had almost had sex, Javi and Brinker asked if last night between Tyler and Eden was good, he said yes, even though the two didn't have sex. Tyler walked up to the table where Jackie was sitting, and she told him he could either be a good guy or a bad guy, and that if he wanted to make things right, he would tell Javi and Brinker the truth about the night before. Despite Tyler never setting the record straight, the two are still friends. When Tyler is signed up for the 5K run by Mr. Ridgeway, he grows closer with Jackie, and the two begin talking. Tyler, wanting to impress Jackie, later uses the Head Key to insert knowledge about the wars into his head.[1] His efforts are futile, however, and Jackie reveals that she isn't into the wars, but Jane Austen; she remarks that she doesn't expect Tyler to be into that kind of stuff, which seems to offend him.

When Tyler doesn't attend the 5K, Jackie is furious, and she calls the relationship between the two — and the friendship — quits. The two do not talk for several days after. The two eventually reconcile when Jackie helps the Locke Children dispose of Dodge's body through the Black Door. They begin dating shortly thereafter.[2]

Losing Her Memory[]

More to come.

Possession by a Demon[]

As part of a trap for the Lockes, Dodge uses the Demon Key to have Jackie possessed by a demon. Tyler narrowly manages to escape and becomes determined to save his girlfriend by crafting a new key that will "unlock" the demon from her soul.[3]


With the help of Duncan, Tyler successfully creates the Alpha Key. Tyler and Duncan follow Jackie from her house to the cliffside home that Gabe is using, where Tyler witnesses Jackie giving Gabe the Demon Key after presumably using it to help expand his army.

Tyler follows Jackie into the nearby woods, where the demon tries to entice Tyler into letting her in to himself, recalling Tyler and Jackie's happy moments together. Tyler apparently agrees, but as he hugs Jackie, Tyler stabs her in the back with the Alpha Key, killing the demon and freeing Jackie. Much to Tyler's relief, Jackie is able to take the Alpha Key from him, proving that she's human once more, and they express their love for each other. However, moments later, Jackie starts bleeding liquid metal from her eyes, collapses and dies in the arms of a devastated Tyler.[4] The paramedics later tell Tyler that it looks like she died of a brain aneurysm.[5]


Blaming both himself and Dodge for Jackie's death, Tyler's immediate reaction is to seek revenge against the demon for what it did to Jackie. Although calmed down by Kinsey, Tyler ultimately does kill Dodge with the Alpha Key, avenging Jackie's demise.

A week later, a heartbroken Tyler erases a video of himself and Jackie talking about the keys from his phone. Due to all the pain that the magic has caused him, Tyler decides that he wants to forget it when he turns eighteen in a few weeks, rather than using the Memory Key to hold on to the knowledge.[5]


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