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Locke & Key: The Golden Age is a series of stand-alone stories that form the prelude volume to World War Key.[1] The first issue produced for the arc was originally published on November 23, 2011, and ended with the DC Comics/Vertigo series The Sandman crossover in 2021.[2][3][4]

The Golden Age explores the history of the Keyhouse and the Locke Family in the early 1900s. Its hardcover release, which includes the exclusive story "Face the Music",[5] was published on April 26, 2022[6]

Cover Art[]

Issue List[]

Note: All the issues have been placed in chronological and hardcover order story-wise as stated by Joe Hill. However, this is not the same order that they were released in.[7][8]

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  • Joe Hill first announced the Golden Age arc in a tweet on December 14, 2011, under the working title: Locke & Key: The Lost.[9]
  • This arc is the first time the series has collaborated and co-printed with another comic book publisher.
  • Joe Hill mentioned in a tweet that he included a single detail in "...In Pale Battalions Go..." that is a part of a bigger Locke & Key story, which he states that at this pace he won't get to until he's in his mid-fifties (Joe Hill was 48 when he made the tweet).[10]
(Let others live the life of dull iron structure office buildings makers. We're trying to live the life of stonemasons builders of cathedrals) ;P

–Gabriel Rodriguez[11]

  • Due to the release schedule for some issues, it was initially assumed that Locke & Key: Grindhouse and Locke & Key: Dog Days were a part of the Golden Age arc. However, Joe Hill stated via Twitter that those issues were standalone that didn't belong to any of the arcs.[7][12]
    • One of the causes for the confusion of Locke & Key: Grindhouse being a part of the Golden Age arc was that early on Joe Hill did officially state that Grindhouse was a part of Golden Age[13][14] before he changed his mind.[7][12]