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Locke & Key: The Golden Age is a series of stand-alone stories exploring the history of the Keyhouse and the Locke Family. The first issue produced for the arc was originally published on November 23, 2011, and ended with the DC Comics/Vertigo series The Sandman crossover in 2021.[1][2][3] It is considered the prelude volume to World War Key.[4]

Issue List[]

Note: All the issues have been placed in chronological and hardcover order story-wise as stated by Joe Hill. However, this is not the same order that they were released in.[5][6]

First Appearances[]




  • Joe Hill first announced the Golden Age arc in a Tweet on Dec 14, 2011, under the working title: Locke & Key: The Lost.[7]
  • This arc is the first time the series has collaborated and co-printed with another comic book publisher.
  • Joe Hill mentioned in a tweet that he included a single detail in "In Pale Battalions Go" that is a part of a bigger Locke & Key story which he says that at this pace he won't get to until he's in his mid-fifties (Joe Hill was 48 when he made the tweet).[8]
(Let others live the life of dull iron structure office buildings makers. We're trying to live the life of stonemasons builders of cathedrals) ;P

–Gabriel Rodriguez[9]

  • Due to the release schedule for some issues, it was initially assumed that Locke & Key: Grindhouse and Locke & Key: Dog Days were a part of the Golden Age arc. But Joe Hill stated via Twitter that those issues were standalone that didn't belong to any of the arcs.[5][10]
    • One of the things that lead to the confusion of Locke & Key: Grindhouse being a part of the Golden Age arc was that early on Joe Hill did officially state that Grindhouse was a part of Golden Age[11][12] before he changed his mind.[5][10]