Gender Key
Gender Key
First Seen
Use Reverses gender
Door Closet half-door
Creator Benjamin Locke
Issues 7


Created by Benjamin Locke to aid his sister.

Power DescriptionEdit

Allows a person to become the opposite of their current gender when this key is used with the Gender Changing Door.


The Gender Door is a half-sized door that connects Tyler and Kinsey's bedrooms.

Guide to the known keys entryEdit

"my sister - or should I now say my brother!-fights the shadow war with Crais in the streets of Boston whilst I wait at home, like a helpless maiden, praying to the ALLMAIGHTY! for her safe return. When first I fashin'd the key, I imagained she maight trainsform to a boy to protect her, if necessaire, from the unsavorie lusts of ENGLISHMEN should the King's foot-soldiers return to Lovecraft to abuse God fairing womain. Never did I think she wouldst WILLENGLY caist off the wardrobe of her femininitie for this ruggaid liberation among men..."