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This article is about Ellie Whedon from the Netflix adaptation.. You may be looking for Ellie Whedon from the graphic novels.

Ellie Whedon is a main character in the Netflix adaptation of Locke & Key. She is one of Rendell Locke's childhood friends who has experienced the power of the Keys for herself. A close advisory to the Locke family, she becomes entangled in her own dark past when they return to Keyhouse.


Opening the Black Door[]

Little is known about Ellie's early history, other than her involvement with Rendell Locke and the other Keepers of the Keys. Ellie explains to Tyler and Kinsey that they found the keys and for a while, enjoyed using them. They finally realised that the keys were dangerous, however, when they used the Omega Key to open the Black Door in the depths of the Drowning Cave. They were able to shut the door, but not before Lucas, her childhood boyfriend, was hit with something emerging from behind the door.

When they returned home, Lucas went insane and demanded the Omega Key from Rendell, becoming abusive. After he killed Kim and Jeff, Rendell killed Lucas but this was witnessed by Duncan. In order to protect what they had done, they took Duncan's memories using the Head Key, and created a story that the children had drowned in the caves and their bodies washed to sea.[1] They later decided that the keys were dangerous and divided the keys between them and promised to never use them ever again or speak of the night. Ellie took the Echo Key into her protection.

25 Years Later[]

Twenty-five years later, Ellie became depressed and desperate to see Lucas. She used the Echo Key to call Lucas' echo into the Well House on Keyhouse's estate. She believed everything to be fine, however she soon realised that she had called forth the demon Dodge instead of Lucas, her ex-boyfriend.

When the Locke Family move to Matheson, Ellie greets them with a warm welcome[2], hoping to get close with Nina. She visits often, and on multiple occasions they talk about what happened to Erin, Kim, Lucas and Jeff. Ellie reiterates the story about the children drowning in the caves below Keyhouse.[3]

Ellie PP Room

Ellie looks for the Crown of Shadows in the Ping Pong room

Later, Ellie asks Nina if she has visited the Ping Pong Room in the basement of the house — she reveals this to be their hang out space as children — however Nina reveals that she has not. When they look, the room has been boarded over, but the two decide to demolish the wall, and take a look around.[4] When they are inside, it becomes clear that Ellie is looking for something in particular — later revealed to be the Crown of Shadows — and Nina questions her on this, however she denies this. Later on, she returns using Rufus' key and takes the crown from the basement, fabricating a story about an action figure when she is caught by Nina.[5]

Protecting the Crown of Shadows[]

Ellie returns the Crown of Shadows to her house and hides it somewhere Dodge will not find it. Rufus, however, shows Bode the crown, revealing that he knows where she hides things. Bode eventually finds the Shadow Key and reveals this to Rufus, however the two do not exchange either the crown or key.[1]

Ellie tells Tyler and Kinsey everything

Ellie reveals everything to Kinsey and Tyler

When Ellie realises that Dodge cannot be trusted, she reveals everything to the Locke Children, including the history of the keys and what Dodge has been making her do. She takes Tyler and Kinsey inside her head, using the Head Key and shows them the night their friends were killed. She promises to bring the crown to Keyhouse and use it to force Dodge back into the Well House, however when she returns home, she is confronted by Dodge.

Ellie inside Black Door

Ellie tries to save herself.

Dodge reunites the Crown of Shadows and the Shadow Key together and is finally able to control shadows. She knocks Ellie out and changes her appearance to look like herself using the Identity Key.[6]. Without knowing, Tyler, Kinsey and the Savini Squad throw Ellie through the Black Door when it is opened using the Omega Key. Ellie pleads with them, however is unable to convince them that she is not Dodge. Several weeks go by and Ellie is not found; Bode promises Rufus he will continue to search for Ellie.

Return and Reunion[]

Months later, still trapped in the form of Dodge, Ellie returns when the Omega Door is briefly opened by Eden Hawkins and Josh Bennett.[7] Although shocked by the events, Ellie shuts the Omega Door as the cave collapses and makes her way home, only to find no sign of Rufus before making her way to the Keyhouse. By touching a key, Ellie confirms her identity to a relieved Bode.

After Dodge's defeat, the Lockes give Ellie the Identity Key who uses it to transform back into herself. Ellie reassures everyone that she doesn't blame them and is finally reunited with the real Lucas who was freed when Tyler used the Alpha Key to kill Dodge.

A week later, Ellie is reunited with Rufus at his new home.[8]


Ellie is generally a very kind and straightforward middle-aged woman, but is also very emotionally conflicted and unsure of herself. Despite having fun with the keys in the past, she became more pragmatic after the death of Lucas and her simultaneous encounter with Dodge and determined to keep them from her, especially after her escape made her have to confront her dark past when she met the late Rendell's family, maintaining her inborn courage in spite of everything she'd been through.


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  • Ellie calls Dodge forth using the Echo Key accidentally; she believed she was calling forth her ex-boyfriend, Lucas.
  • When Lucas, Jeff and Kim are killed and the Keepers of the Keys split the keys, she takes possession of the Echo Key and the Identity Key.