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This article is about Duncan Locke from the Netflix adaptation. You may be looking for Duncan Locke from the graphic novels.

Duncan Locke is one of the two tritagonists (alongside Scot Cavendish) of Netflix Locke & Key series. He is the brother of late Rendell Locke, and the uncle of Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode Locke. His job and his boyfriend, Bryan, are both in Boston, and he uses this to minimize his time at Keyhouse. Even without the Riffel Rule, Duncan is unable to remember the existence of magic given his memories were removed by the Head Key due to witnessing a traumatizing event. It's later revealed that Duncan is one of very few people known to have made new keys, having created the Memory and Demon Keys. After his memories are restored, Duncan joins his family in defending the Keyhouse from Dodge.



Chamberlain Locke told Bode Locke that Duncan and Rendell would use the keys frequently as children[1], and in one of his memories, Tyler and Kinsey watch as Rendell and Duncan use the Identity Key.[2]

Their use of the keys presumably dwindled, and Rendell begins sharing them with his friends, who become known as the Keepers of the Keys. When Dodge is set free from the other side of the Black Door, however, and possesses Lucas, Duncan witnesses Rendell murdering him to conceal their secret, the Keepers have no choice but to remove Duncan's memories of the night and magic overall using the Head Key.[3]

Before removing Duncan's memories with the Head Key, the Keepers have Duncan craft the new Memory Key for them as Rendell proves to be unable to create new keys himself. This key allows the Keepers to retain their memories past their eighteenth birthdays.[4][5]

After Duncan's memories are removed they are stored in the roots of a tree near the cemetery using the Plant Key.[2]

Watching over Keyhouse Manor[]

Duncan welcomes the Locke Family back to Keyhouse and Matheson warmly. However he tells Nina that Keyhouse is perhaps not the best place for their family at that time; nevertheless, Nina tells him that they will stay.[6]

Duncan sees his memories

Kinsey shows Duncan his memories

Duncan leaves Keyhouse frequently for work, however on on particular occasion when he returns — shortly after Tyler and Kinsey find his memories[2] — Kinsey shows him the memories and once again explains the existence of magic to him. He isn't able to comprehend what she is saying, however, and his head begins to hurt.[7] The Locke Children later discover that this is because adults cannot perceive the existence of magic. As a result, when Bode asks Duncan about Chamberlain Locke, he is not able to recall anything other than he is the man painted above the mantelpiece.

Recovering His Memories[]

Months later, Duncan is present when Erin Voss moves into the Keyhouse after being awakened from her catatonic state. Duncan only shows vague memories of her despite Erin once being his brother Rendell's girlfriend. Duncan gets caught up in the chaos caused by a giant spider due to the Small World Key, but he loses his memories of it again quickly. However, this time it seems to have a negative effect on Duncan, causing him to become confused and hostile towards Erin. Erin later reveals to the Locke children that Duncan had crafted the Memory Key for the Keepers and, feeling guilty about removing his memories, has Tyler uses the Head Key to return them to Duncan.[4]

However, the restoration of Duncan's memories of the magic does not go smoothly, leaving him confused, with severe mood swings and hallucinations that causes him to occasionally lash out at the others. The Lockes and Erin theorize that this is due to putting the memories of the magic back into an adult and that their best bet to fix the deteriorating Duncan is to find and use the Memory Key on him. However, Erin doesn't know where Rendell hid it and Duncan's condition continues to grow worse, causing him to physically lash out at Bode in the midst of a hallucination. Another hallucination leads Duncan to the shed where he had first crafted the Memory Key, further traumatizing him with the confusing memory.[5]

The next day, Duncan spends all of his time focusing on fixing up his car Gracie as a distraction, ignoring even the need to eat. Tyler eventually locates the Memory Key at Matheson Academy and uses it on Duncan, causing his memories to properly reintegrate into his mind. Duncan is restored to normal with all of his memories of the magic back once again.[8]

Fighting Against Dodge[]

Moments after the restoration of Duncan's lost memories, Kinsey arrives with the distressing news that Gabe is in fact Dodge and that Eden is a demon.[8] After Dodge leaves following her surprise visit as Gabe, the Lockes realize that they had sent Ellie Whedon through the Black Door instead of Dodge and Duncan does his best to comfort them. Following the murder of Erin, Duncan breaks down in tears at the loss of his childhood friend.[9]

Duncan is later captured by Dodge who forces him to craft the new Demon Key for Dodge and Eden, Dodge having proven unable to create a key herself. Duncan is horrified when Dodge uses the new key to turn Javi into a demon and barely escapes with his life alongside Bode.[10]

After Jackie is possessed by a demon, Tyler seeks Duncan's help to craft a new key in order to "unlock" a demon from a person's soul. Although Duncan doesn't know of any hidden stash of Whispering Iron kept by Rendell, one of his comments causes Tyler to realize that there's some in his father's old fishing lure. However, only Tyler can hear the metal whispering which Duncan reveals means that Tyler must craft the new key himself.[11]

In the old shed, Duncan guides Tyler through the alchemy, revealing that he himself had learned the process from the ghost of Chamberlin Locke. Duncan laments how much pain the two keys that he had created caused and expresses hope that Tyler's will be more helpful. Following Duncan's instructions, Tyler manages to craft the new Alpha Key and Duncan accompanies Tyler as he follows Jackie to Dodge's cliffside house. Duncan remains in the car as Tyler follows Jackie into the woods and uses the Alpha Key on her, killing the demon and freeing Jackie, but with the heartbreaking side effect that Jackie dies as well.[12]

Following Jackie's death, Duncan remains by Tyler's side as the paramedics take her body away. With little time left until Dodge's deadline, Duncan joins Tyler, Kinsey and Scot Cavendish in assaulting Dodge's house to reclaim the Demon Key. During the battle, Duncan uses the Matchstick Key to cut into Dodge's vault and discovers that as the creator of the Demon Key, he has the ability to control the demons summoned with it. Duncan turns the demons on Dodge and flees with the Demon Key as Dodge collapses the house with the Plant Key. After Tyler kills Dodge with the Alpha Key, Duncan is shocked when the real Lucas Caravaggio emerges from the wreckage, but he is the first one aside from Tyler to understand that the Alpha Key had separated Lucas' Echo from Dodge and set him free. Along with the others, Duncan returns to the Keyhouse where they are reunited with Ellie who had recently managed to escape from the Black Door.

A week later, as Tyler prepares to set out on a road trip, Duncan gives him the keys to his classic car, revealing that he had fixed it up as a present for a grateful Tyler.[13]

Marriage to Brian Rogan[]

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