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This article is about Dodge from the Netflix adaptation. You may be looking for Dodge from the graphic novels.

Dodge is the main antagonist of the Netflix adaptation of Locke & Key. Trapped in the Well House by the original Keepers of the Keys, she begins communicating with Bode when he arrives at Keyhouse Manor. She eventually manipulates him into freeing her with the Anywhere Key, beginning her quest to find the Omega Key and open the Black Door.

Dodge has adopted various personas over the course of time, including Lucas Caravaggio and Gabe. She is played by Laysla De Oliveira.


Early HistoryEdit

The demon that would eventually become known as Dodge — a nickname Ellie gave to Lucas — first appears twenty-five years prior to Rendell Locke's death. When the Keepers of the Keys open the Black Door for the first time, Lucas Caravaggio is possessed by the demon. At first, everything is normal, however, Lucas attacks them later that night demanding the keys. Rendell has no choice but to kill Lucas after he kills Kim and Jeff, and the group make up a story about how the children died.[1]

Many years later, in a moment of desperation, Ellie Whedon uses the Echo Key to summon Lucas back to the Well House. Unbeknownst to her, Lucas was gone and she had actually summoned Dodge, who forced her to give her the Identity Key so that she could change her appearance.

Throughout Locke and Key Edit

Quest to find the Omega KeyEdit

When the Locke Family moves into Keyhouse following Rendell's death, Dodge begins communicating with Bode, telling him about the magical keys and their powers. She explains that there are keys that allow the user to turn into a ghost or that allow the user to go anywhere. Bode eventually finds the keys, and Dodge tricks Bode into using the Mirror Key, which ends badly and Nina becomes trapped within the mirror.[2]

When Bode returns to the well to confront Dodge on why she lied, she offers her help in return for the Anywhere Key.[3] She takes the key and leaves Bode in the Well House alone and he must save Nina himself with the aid of Tyler and Kinsey.[2]

Gabe Edit

Gabe uses the Music Box Key

Gabe uses the key to manipulate Eden.

Around this time, Dodge uses the Identity Key to don a different disguise, a student named Gabe, to get closer with Kinsey following her assimilation into the Savini Squad.[4] The two begin hanging out together and, when he discovers the existence of the keys, he uses the Music Box Key to manipulate Eden into embarrassing herself in front of the entire school.[5]

Dodge would later return to Keyhouse to find the Head Key, which she rightly believed to be in Bode's possession. He refuses to give her the key, however, and it is revealed that Dodge cannot take the key from a Locke child without their permission.[6]

Following this, Dodge — as Gabe — continues filming with Kinsey. When the movie does not go to plan, and Kinsey insists on filming further scenes in the Drowning Caves, Gabe immediately agrees and presses that it would be a good idea. He eventually ends up saving Kinsey when the tide rolls in and she is investigating the Black Door.[7] Gabe and Kinsey begin dating shortly after, and this causes tensions between Kinsey and Scot, who were also previously dating before the events that occurred in the Drowning Cave.

Dodge later enlists Sam Lesser's help again to steal the Head Key from the Locke Children. Sam manages to steal the key but is reluctant to give the key to Dodge, leaving her no choice but to kill him and take the key for herself.[8]

Dodge then uses the key to enter the mind of Erin — one of the original Keepers of the Keys — and finds out that the Omega Key was hidden within Rendell's mind.[9] Meanwhile, she takes on the appearance of Lucas and lives in Ellie's house, forcing her to manipulate the Locke Family until they find the Crown of Shadows.

Gabe Identity Key

Dodge changes her appearance using the Identity Key.

When Ellie finds the Crown of Shadows, Dodge takes it from her and unites it with the Shadow Key, allowing her to control shadows. She changes Ellie's appearance to that of her own disguise using the Identity Key. She later attacks Keyhouse and gives the impression that she has been defeated. With Ellie's body unconscious, Gabe arrives with the rest of the Savini Squad to help the Locke Children use the Omega Key to throw her back through the Black Door. They are successful, however, it is later revealed that Dodge is safe and they actually threw Ellie through the door. Moreover, Dodge is currently posing as Gabe through the use of the Identity Key.[4]


Season One


  • Dodge appears in every episode either using her appearance (as Lucas), her female appearance, or Gabe's appearance.
  • She is in possession of the Shadow Key, Anywhere Key, the Identity Key.
    • She also possesses the Crown of Shadows with the Shadow Key, therefore allowing her to control shadows.


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