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This article is about Dodge from the Netflix adaptation. You may be looking for Dodge from the graphic novels.

This world has so much potential to be reborn and consumed, to be ruled. It's time to finish what I started.


Dodge is the main antagonist of the Netflix adaptation of Locke & Key. Trapped in the Well House by the original Keepers of the Keys, she begins communicating with Bode when he arrives at Keyhouse Manor. She eventually manipulates him into freeing her with the Anywhere Key, beginning her quest to find the Omega Key and open the Black Door. Upon succeeding, she retrieves Whispering Iron to forge a brand-new key. At the end of the second season, she is finally killed by Tyler Locke with the newly created Alpha Key. Dodge's destruction finally released the real Lucas who had been trapped inside of his own body by the demon.

Dodge has adopted various personas over the course of time, including Lucas Caravaggio and Gabe. She is played by Laysla De Oliveira, Felix Mallard, and Griffin Gluck.


Early Life[]

A demon that would eventually become known as Dodge — a nickname Ellie gave to Lucas — first appears twenty-five years prior to Rendell Locke's death. When the Keepers of the Keys open the Black Door for the first time, Lucas Caravaggio is possessed by the demon. At first, everything is normal, however, Lucas attacks them later that night demanding the keys. Rendell has no choice but to kill Lucas after he kills Kim and Jeff, and the group make up a story about how the children died.[1]

Many years later, in a moment of desperation, Ellie Whedon uses the Echo Key to summon Lucas back to the Well House. Unbeknownst to her, Lucas was gone and she had actually summoned Dodge, who forced her to give her the Identity Key so that she could change her appearance.[1]

Escape from the Well[]

When the Locke Family moves into Keyhouse following Rendell's death, Dodge begins communicating with Bode, telling him about the magical keys and their powers. She explains that there are keys that allow the user to turn into a ghost or that allow the user to go anywhere. Bode eventually finds the keys, and Dodge tricks Bode into using the Mirror Key, which ends badly and Nina becomes temporarily trapped within the mirror.

When Bode returns to the well to confront Dodge on why she lied, she offers her help in return for the Anywhere Key. She takes the key and leaves the wellhouse, leaving Bode to save Nina himself with the aid of Tyler and Kinsey.[2] Famished by her imprisonment, Dodge arrived at a diner and wound up ordering the majority of the menu. After she has finished, she visits the restroom, but uses the Anywhere Key to burgle numerous luxury items including a dress and a necklace. She encounters a young man and instigates sex with him, asking him to choke her but quickly grows bored by his weak attempt and starts strangling him into unconsciousness.[3]

Impersonating Gabe[]

Gabe uses the key to manipulate Eden.

Around this time, Dodge uses the Identity Key to create a new persona, a student named Gabe, to get closer with Kinsey following her assimilation into the Savini Squad.[4] The two begin hanging out together and, when she discovers the existence of the keys, she uses the Music Box Key to manipulate Eden into embarrassing herself in front of the entire school.[5]

Dodge would later return to Keyhouse to find the Head Key, which she rightly believed to be in Bode's possession. He refuses to give her the key, however, and it is revealed that Dodge cannot take the key from a Locke child without their permission, reducing her to threatening to hurt him some other way.[6]

Following this, Dodge — as Gabe — continues filming with Kinsey. When the movie does not go to plan, and Kinsey insists on filming further scenes in the Drowning Caves, Gabe immediately agrees and presses that it would be a good idea. Arriving in the rocky tunnels, they began investigating the Black Door. She eventually saves Kinsey when the tide rolls in, earning her affection especially after Scot lost most of their property.[7]

With Sam Lesser's arrival mere hours away, Dodge changes her appearance using the Identity Key.

Gabe and Kinsey begin dating shortly after, and this causes tensions between Kinsey and Scot, who were also previously dating before the events that occurred in the Drowning Cave. By communicating with him via portrait and quickly deducing his vulnerabilities, Dodge proceeds to enlist Sam Lesser's help again to steal the Head Key from the Locke Children. Believing her to be his only friend, Sam manages to steal the key but is reluctant to give the key to Dodge, leaving her no choice but to kill him and take the key for herself.[8]

Seeking Out the Omega Key[]

Dodge transmuting Ellie into herself.

Dodge then uses the key to enter the mind of Erin — one of the original Keepers of the Keys — and finds out that the Omega Key was hidden within Rendell's mind.[9] Meanwhile, she takes on the appearance of Lucas and lives in Ellie's house, forcing her to manipulate the Locke Family until they find the Crown of Shadows.

When Ellie finds the Crown of Shadows, Dodge takes it from her and unites it with the Shadow Key, allowing her to control shadows. She changes Ellie's appearance to that of her own disguise using the Identity Key. She later attacks Keyhouse and gives the impression that she has been defeated. With Ellie's body unconscious, Gabe arrives with the rest of the Savini Squad to help the Locke Children use the Omega Key to throw her back through the Black Door.[4]

Communion with Eden Hawkins[]

The Lockes are successful in their objective, however, it is later revealed that Dodge is safe and they actually threw Ellie through the door. Moreover, Dodge is currently posing as Gabe through the use of the Identity Key, and has united with another demon that recently possessed Eden Hawkins when the Black Door was open.

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Continuing to monitor the demon within Eden Hawkins very closely following their encounter in a restaurant,[4] Dodge discloses to her the secret of her magical keys. Resolving to make a new key, she guides Eden back to the Drowning Caves to retrieve Whispering Iron. Unfortunately, the two are interrupted by crewmen, and Dodge shares the Crown of Shadows with Eden, who summons more demons to silence them. Resolving to forge a new key, she and Eden have a chance encounter with a deranged hermit who threatens to shoot them both. She makes a quick decision to strike first and take his house as headquarters, preparing a series of forging tools. She also reveals her true appearance to Eden, and when she expresses skepticism that she would turn into someone like Gabe, she explains that no one will consider him anything more than Kinsey's nerdy boyfriend. She emphasizes that what was given can be taken away, the better to keep a possessed Eden in line.

The fruits of the Savini Squad's labors become prominent when The Splattering launches in theaters, and Dodge goes with Kinsey and Eden to view it. Things go well at first, but Eden disappears and murders the underage cashier Alvin. Dodge becomes infuriated and demands they get rid of the corpse. Nina Locke almost catches her, but her inability to remember magic vindicates Dodge and the two part ways. During an after party, Dodge unleashes her "righteous anger" on Eden, threatening to kill her if she misbehaves again. Finally, she and Eden forge a brand-new key together.[10] She uses it on a worker at the docking bay who harasses Eden, but it does not do what she intends, instead melting him to a mass of black goo. She resolves to question Chamberlin Locke.[11]

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Using the Ghost Key[]

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Subsequently, she takes Kinsey out to dinner and her girlfriend confirms she cannot make keys of her own. Things sour at home when Dodge refuses to let Kinsey in her head, aggravating her. The following day, Eden suggests getting rid of her for good, but Dodge rebukes her. She pays Kinsey a visit, bringing Dr. Pepper and Twizzlers, but only Bode is home. She shares them with him and proceeds to encourage him to let the keys help him be his best self. The two finally begin bonding after months of enmity, and she asks him to let her see her Ghost Key. She receives her chance to question Chamberlin, who tells her the key she forges will reflect the true her, but only if she administers a drop of her own blood.[11] He noted a mysterious parasite taped to her back, but chose to keep this to himself for the time being.[12]

Feeling distant from Kinsey, Dodge continues work on the new key, noting its impurities to her situational ally, but Eden derisively, albeit accurately, suspects her love for Kinsey has always been genuine. She then sends Eden to Keyhouse to level the playing field by forcing Scot to throw himself at Dodge herself. This creates a rift between Scot and Kinsey, as Dodge intended.[13] She and Eden continue forging the enigmatic key, with Dodge drawing Eden's blood to complete it. Everything goes wrong when the entire house detonates.

Dodge is hurt that Chamberlin lied through his teeth and confronts him a second time. He reveals his aforementioned perception of the unexplained parasite, expressing his opposition of what he knows of her agenda and sending the ghost of an old friend to attack her — Sam Lesser. Hypocritically stating she will not hurt people anymore, he tries to possess Dodge, briefly succeeding and trying to enforce a suicide. Fortunately, Dodge shoves him back into the door, cursing at him and hurriedly leaving the house.[12]

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Dodge visits Keyhouse again and wanders into Kinsey's bedroom, but when she catches her, she is forced to lie and claim that she is tutoring Eden as the girl is allegedly struggling to complete her schoolwork without help. Things get less awkward when Tyler arrives and Bode takes the Anywhere Key to find Rufus. Dodge resolves to seek out another key with Tyler, who enlists the assistance of Logan Calloway, who knows their school like the back of his hand. They find what they are looking for and once Tyler leaves, Dodge blows up Eden's phone, insisting she was going to Keyhouse with or without her. Arriving on the porch, she greets Kinsey cordially, unaware the endgame has begun.[14]

Eden continues taunting her with her love for Kinsey, so Dodge pokes her chest aggressively with a grey stick whilst sternly looking her in the eye. Taking Duncan and Bode hostage, she discloses her belief that the world has untold potential to be exploited and revived, to be brought under demonic rule. She honors her word to free Duncan and Bode for their cooperation, much to their surprise. At last, she is ready to raise an army of demonic warriors to bring the world under her benevolent banner.[15]

More to come....

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Dring a final confrontation with the Lockes, Dodge is stabbed from behind by Tyler with the newly-created Alpha Key, finally killing her. Moments later, the real Lucas appears from the wreckage of Dodge's house, having been trapped inside of his body by the demon, unable to stop her. With Lucas having returned as an Echo, Dodge's death finally separates them and restores Lucas who, unlike the other demonic hosts, survives the separation as an Echo can't be killed by physical means.[16]

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Dodge is extremely ruthless and cunning, relentlessly hunting down all of the keys for the purpose of bringing together the world to be renewed and dictated. While occasionally coming across as a curious, sociable, and even perky with others, this is nothing more than the facade of an amoral psychopath, as shown when she incapacitated and slew two respective men whose trust she had successfully gained (albeit having no choice), and by her numerous futile attempts to intimidate Bode Locke. She will only help her enemies if it benefits her interests, such as befriending and later manipulating Sam Lesser for the sake of molding him as her weapon; then, after stabbing Sam in cold blood, concedes that he meant nothing to her (also enjoying his reaction despite feeling justified). Her coldness becomes more justified, however, after his astral form vindictively tortures her.

Dodge possesses an innate hunger for the keys, especially the Omega Key, leading to unbridled ambition. Dodge will stop at nothing to have these keys, and being imprisoned in a well only made her desire stronger, becoming relentless and desperate in her exile. She embarked on a vicious campaign to achieve her one goal using means such as murder, predation, and reckless destruction to ensure the unity of all the keys, prominently the Omega Key, and the forging of the Demon Key.

Dodge is vastly intelligent, particularly in the fields of intuition, deception, seduction, and improvisation, which allow her to use the keys in more formidable ways than others do. Her skills as an improvisational tactician are perhaps the most frequently used, such as when she turned a retaliation against a death threat into a chance to obtain a temporary base of operations. Despite her calculating mind, Dodge has a violent temper, as shown by her vicious reaction to Bode's realization that she was powerless to forcibly take the keys from a Locke, and again when she stabbed Sam when he began getting on her nerves, and once again when Eden murdered Alvin in cold blood.

Although Dodge avoids violence unless feeling threatened, this volatile fight-and-flight mode can lead her to take things too far. This made her different from Eden Hawkins, who in her possessed state was unhinged and bloodthirsty, which Dodge finds exasperating. She only killed Sam when he turned on her at the last second before demanding for her own unreturned loyalty. She also attacked Ellie and Rufus when understandably feeling threatened by them both when they had the Shadow Key in their possession. Furthermore, Alvin's death infuriated her and she boldly scolded a possessed Eden for it.

Dodge has a lot of self-discipline and is a stern companion, thus having very little patience for Eden's antics.

Dodge also appears to have a childlike curiosity about the world since she last saw it and winds up overeating, burgling, and sleeping with a stranger purely out of excitement and angst from being cooped up for so long. She is also willing to date Kinsey as a ruse, despite risking exposing herself to her enemies. However, her love for Kinsey is later revealed to be genuine, with the demoness wanting Kinsey by her side even after Kinsey discovers the truth.

Known Victims[]


  • Kim Topher (head cracked on shelves)
  • Jeff Ellis (neck snapped)
  • Neighborhood Kid (thrown in front of train)
  • Joe Ridgeway (suffocated with plastic bag)
  • Sam Lesser (stabbed)
  • Hermit (bludgeoned with shovel)
  • Fisherman (Disintegrated by first Demon Key; accidentally)
  • Erin Voss (strangled and neck crushed)



Season One
Season Two


  • To date, Dodge appears in every episode either using her appearance (as Lucas), her female appearance, or Gabe's appearance. At the end of the first season, she was in possession of the Shadow Key, Anywhere Key, the Identity Key. At the end of the second season, she is deprived of having Lucas as a host, leaving her to learn and bide her time.
  • While the keys give her access to additional powers, Dodge has displayed unnatural abilities unrelated to the keys, presumably because of either her demonic nature, or her being an Echo.
    • She appears to be stronger than the average human, capable of strangling someone or breaking their neck easily.[3][1]
    • Being an Echo has also given her some immunity of being killed through conventional means, as Ellie shot Dodge multiple times, but the Echo quickly recovered.[1]
  • One weakness Dodge has is, being a demon, she is incapable of physically stealing the keys directly from the Locke kids. In order to have the keys from their possession, they have to hand them to her.
    • This rule applies only for the Lockes. Anyone else who has a key on their person, she can physically steal from them.
  • Unlike her comic counterpart, she does have a gender.
  • Laysla De Oliveira enjoyed the challenge of playing a female villain since she had few experiences with unapologetic women in villainous roles.[17]
  • In the second season, Dodge primarily appears in her male form of Gabe. This makes sense since she is without the Identity Key for several episodes and is determined to win Kinsey over by continuing to pose as a male.
  • As revealed in the second season, Dodge's form as Gabe is made up by her and is not a real person as the Identity Key doesn't allow one to take on the form of a real person. Given that she has already been Lucas and already been herself, she can swap these appearances at will.
  • Dodge's death is similar to the comics version of the character's death with both being killed by Tyler Locke with the Alpha Key. The one major difference is that Lucas survives his separation from Dodge in the Netflix adaptation, unable to suffer the fatal effects of the Alpha Key as an Echo.