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This article is about the character from the graphic novels. You may be looking for Dodge, the character from the Netflix adaptation.

No. You can't understand. Because you're reading the last chapter of something, without having read the first chapters. You're a little guy, Bode. Kids always think they're coming into a story at the beginning, when usually they're coming in at the end.


Dodge is the main antagonist of the Locke & Key graphic novels. It is a demonic being from the other side of the Black Door. Its true name is still unknown (it is implied to be rather esoteric), though it continually refers to itself as "the Legion". The entity has had many identities, as he possessed many people; including Lucas Caravaggio, Zack Wells, and Bode Locke.


Spawn of Leng[]

The entity originated from a realm inhabited by eldritch demons called the Children of Leng. On the day the demon was born, its "mother" devoured half of its litter of siblings but was then eaten by its "father", whom the demon itself later ate.[1] In 1988, the Tamers of the Tempest opened the Black Door in order to let a demon through, that would turn into Whispering Iron with no host. Due to the accidental intervention of Duncan Locke, the demon found a host in Lucas "Dodge" Caravaggio.[2]

The Possession of Lucas Caravaggio[]


Dodge possesses Lucas

Having infected Lucas's soul, Dodge attempted to blend in and hide by pretending to be Luke, but was quickly discovered by the Tamers of the Tempest. They used the Head Key to remove all of Dodge's memories, hoping to limit the danger by making him unaware of what he was. Rendell Locke then places Dodge's memories in the wellhouse, where they would be guarded by the echo of his mother.

Dodge Dies

Dodge is crushed in the Drowning Caves

Ellie Whedon, devastated at the idea of losing the man she loved, began to visit the Wellhouse to sit with Luke's memories. The spirit of Mrs. Locke asked Ellie why she would torture herself like that, and Ellie responded that it was the only way for her to be close to him again.

Dodge followed Ellie to the wellhouse. Mrs. Locke warned Ellie to stay back while she called Rendell and the others, but Ellie panicked and pushed Mrs. Locke through the door of the Wellhouse, causing her to fade away.[3]

Dodge knocked out Ellie and replaced his memories. As he was doing so, Duncan, as a girl, walked by the Wellhouse, and Dodge chased after and captured the kid.

Seeing Mark Cho using the Crown of Shadows, Dodge used the Gender Key, taken from Duncan, to become a woman, Mark used the shadows to drag Dodge to him. However, seeing the female form of Dodge caught Mark off guard and Dodge stabbed Mark, stealing the crown. As Mark was dying, she asked him which of his friends had the Omega Key, and Mark promised to tell her, if she spared Ellie. Dodge promised and Mark told her that Erin knew where the key was. Dodge then removed part of her personality and stored it in a jar along with the Echo Key. She had one of the shadows hide it in Ellie Whedon's house as a failsafe.

Dodge, with use of the Shadow Key to leave a message, demanded Rendell bring the Omega Key to the Drowning Cave in exchange for Duncan's life. Rendell armed himself with the Hercules Key, and Kim Topher was using the Angel Key, and the friends prepared to rescue Duncan. Erin Voss attempted to incapacitate Dodge using the Music Box Key, allowing Kim to swoop in to rescue Duncan. But Dodge was covering her ears with the shadows and didn't hear the music, and had a shadow kill Kim, thwarting the rescue.

Dodge overwhelmed Rendell with shadows, preventing the cave from collapsing, and captured Erin before using the Head Key to remove all of Erin's memories in an attempt to find the Omega Key. To Dodge's surprise, there was no information of the Omega Key. Erin's memories were scattered throughout the Drowning Cave. Ellie showed up, and using the Owl Key, the Owl removed the crown from Dodge, causing the shadows to vanish.

Without the shadows to support the structure of the cave, destroyed by Rendell, the ceiling collapsed, and Rendell was able to rescue his friends and brother from getting buried. Dodge, however, was crushed beneath the rubble. She told them, despite the fatal injuries, that she felt nothing, and started speaking in an alien language before she finally died.[4]

The Lady in the Well[]

Dodge was eventually returned by Ellie Whedon, who, controlled with by the fragment of Dodge that snuck into her head, summoned her as an Echo. She killed Candice Whedon, by breaking her neck. Dodge was unable to leave the Wellhouse, and remained there for several months.[5] However, using her abilities as an echo,[6] she called to Sam Lesser, and promised him a new, better home, but to do that he needed to get certain keys from Rendell Locke, which led to Sam killing Rendell and the Locke family being moved to their ancestral home of Keyhouse Manor.[7][8]

Welcome to Lovecraft[]

Shortly after the move, Bode explored the wellhouse, and Dodge called to him, claiming to be his echo, and told him about the magical keys. Bode, believing Dodge to be a friend, gave her a mirror and scissors, which she secretly sent to Sam Lesser in prison, to help break him out.[9] She also told Sam to go to Keyhouse to get the Anywhere Key and the Omega Key.[8] Bode, after having a dream about his father, began to become suspicious of the Lady in the Well,[8] and told her he wasn't going to visit her again. Before he could leave, Dodge grabbed Bode, and waited for Sam to arrive at Keyhouse. Once she was sure he arrived, she promised Bode she could stop Sam, but she needed the Anywhere Key, and advised Bode to find the key while he was a ghost.[10] Bode did so, discovered the key was on Kinsey's bracelet, and delivered the bracelet to Dodge. Dodge took the key off the bracelet and used the key on the door to the storage closet to escape the Wellhouse.[11] Dodge used the Gender Key to become the original male form of Lucas. After changing, Dodge finds Sam Lesser, injured by Kinsey, and he snaps Sam's neck, paralyzing him and throws Sam out the active Ghost Door, closing the door and taking the key, thus trapping the boy as a ghost. Dodge later arrives at Ellie Whedon's house, assumes the name Zack Wells and poses as Ellie's nephew. As Zack, he befriends the Locke family to gain access to more keys.[11]

Head Games[]

As he befriends the Lockes, he has to also hide is former identity from people who could recognize him as Lucas. When Joe Ridgeway, a long time teacher of Lovecraft Academy, saw him and recognized him as Lucas, Dodge killed him, and made Ellie assist in making the death look like a suicide. [12][13] Tyler invited him and Jordan, to show off the Head Key, and Dodge pretended to be surprised by Tyler using it to open his head. He slept over at Keyhouse, and while the Lockes slept, he took the Head Key and used the Anywhere Key to steal some fire arms and went into Duncan's home and he used the Head Key to take the memory of Lucas from Duncan. Before he could leave, Brian Rogan, Duncan's boyfriend, caught Dodge. Dodge tried to kill him, but the fire arm malfunctioned, and Brian fled the house. Before Dodge could catch him, Brian was struck by a car, driven by two homophobic women he met earlier, and Dodge left using the Anywhere Key before anyone saw him. He went to Ellie's house and removed the part of himself that was manipulating her for over a year, from her head, along with other memories, in order to allow her to maintain her sanity while he posed as her nephew. He was going to do the same to Rufus, but the Head Key did not work on the boy, so Dodge left him alone and went back to Keyhouse. As he replaced the Head Key, Kinsey's Fear and Tears woke and tried to warn her about him, but she didn't listen. Instead they were put away, and Kinsey, finding Zack attractive and no longer held back by her fear, kissed him. [14][5]

Crown of Shadows[]

Later, Dodge snuck into Keyhouse and used the Ghost Key, to activate the Ghost Door, becoming a ghost, so he could talk to Sam Lesser. He hoped Sam Lesser would be able to find the Omega Key as a ghost, but Sam was no longer deluded by Dodge's promises. Sam tried taking the vacant body of Lucas, and Dodge pursued, causing the two souls to fight in the same body. Dodge was able to get them through the door again, and he returned to his body, leaving Sam a ghost. As he regained his composure, he heard Nina (awoken by the commotion in the struggle) coming to the room. Dodge haphazardly grabbed the keys that fell from his pouch, and used the Anywhere Key to leave before Nina entered the room. But as he looked at the keys he grabbed, he realized he left behind the Echo Key, which Nina discovered.[6]When Nina left the kids home, Dodge broke into the house and went searching for the Shadow Key. He found it and used it to enter a hidden chamber of the house, where he found the Crown of Shadows. He activated it with the Shadow Key and wrapped himself in shadow to appear as the Dark Lady, before ordering the shadows to attack the Locke kids.[15] He interrogated Tyler, demanding the location of the Echo Key and the Omega Key. When Daniel Mutuku arrived, the shadows attacked him, causing him to drop the Echo Key that Nina gave him. The shadows then removed his memories of why he went to Keyhouse and he drove away. When Kinsey took the Echo Key and Head Key from the shadows, Dodge gathered the shadows around him, becoming a giant, shadow, wolf creature. But as he pursued Kinsey, taking the Echo Key, Tyler was freed, used the Giant Key and grew huge.[16] Tyler fought Dodge until they fell into the ocean, off the coast. After falling into the water, the Crown of Shadows to fell from his head and the living shadows to vanish. Dodge washed up on shore, and found the Echo Key, but Tyler found the Crown, preventing Dodge from using it again. The next day, Dodge found out that Kinsey was becoming friends with Scot Kavanaugh and Jamal Saturday, which he did not approve of.[17]

Keys to the Kingdom[]

Having failed to find the location of the Omega Key, he continued acting as a friend to the Lockes, including becoming Kinsey's boyfriend. Dodge soon noticed Bode found the Animal Key, and he left Kinsey. He followed Bode, and entered through the Animal Door, turning into a wolf. He gained control over various canines, and ordered them to attack Tyler and Kinsey, demanding the Omega Key. The attack was thwarted, however, when Bode, in the form of a sparrow, had his sparrow friends attack the dogs, forcing Dodge to retreat back through the Animal Door.[18]

One day, he's walking with the Lockes and their friends, when Erin Voss sees them, shouting out the names Dodge and Rendell. Worried what the kids might learn from Erin, Dodge used the Gender Key to turn into a woman, and seduced the hospital orderly to send her a picture of Erin and the door to her room, so Dodge could have a good picture of where to go with the Anywhere Key. Dodge, a man again, used the key and entered the hospital, immediately killing the orderly, and a second orderly who came to check on Erin while Dodge was intimidating her. As Kinsey used the Head Key to enter Erin's mind, Dodge was going to attack Kinsey, until he saw that Erin's mind was, indeed, empty, of everything except recent memories and the names Dodge and Rendell. No longer fearing to be exposed, Dodge quietly used the Anywhere Key to slip away.[19]

Throughout February, Dodge used various keys against the Lockes, trying to force them to reveal the location of the Omega Key. During this time, he and Kinsey had an argument, as he was unwilling to share his memories with her.[20]

He also used the Philosophoscope to find an "Untrustworthy Ally". He thought it was Rufus, not knowing Rufus was talking with Sam, whom the scope was really directed at. When he and Rufus were alone, he threatened Rufus to keep quiet, breaking one of Rufus's soldiers, before making up with Kinsey. [21]

Dodge soon tried to talk Kinsey into convincing Tyler to share the location of the Omega Key, to no avail. During a break in the fencing tournament, Kinsey told Dodge that Tyler kept a calendar of the "Dark Lady" attacks, making him become concerned that Tyler might know his true identity. Dodge used the Anywhere Key to sneak into his room, to find Tyler looking through his things and finding the Lucas memories in a jar. Dodge took out the Music Box and activated it, forcing Tyler to not move, and began interrogating him to reveal the location of the Omega Key, but was interrupted when Detective Mutuku arrived at the house.[22]

When Mutuku began question Dodge, he immediately attacked the detective, killed Ellie, and took Bode hostage. He escaped to Keyhouse, and told Sam he could have his body, as he and Bode went through the activated Ghost Door. Dodge entered Bode's body, and Sam took Lucas's body, stranding Bode as a ghost. Sam immediately grabbed Dodge and dragged him to the Wellhouse to force the Echo to fade. However, Dodge suspected Sam's treachery, and replaced his keys with pencils, ensuring Sam couldn't open the Wellhouse. Sam was immediately killed by Kinsey, believing it to still be Dodge, and the demon held its cover, in Bode's body. [23]

Bode Locke[]

However, Bode's friend, Jason Bird figured out it wasn't really Bode, he confronted Dodge, threatening to tell Kinsey and Tyler, and Dodge pushed Jason into an oncoming bus, killing the boy. Dodge began searching the house for the Omega Key, when he found Kinsey's Fear and Tears. Nina surprised him and he dropped the bottle, causing it to shatter, and freeing the emotions. Tyler, infected with Kinsey's discarded emotions, tried to burn down Keyhouse, and Dodge told her what happened to her emotions. She stopped Tyler, and the two opened his head, to remove the emotions. However, Dodge found the Omega Key in Tyler's head, placed there for safe keeping. Since the family thought Dodge was dead, they were not concerned that the key was removed, but Dodge finally had the key he was searching for.[24]

Omega and Alpha[]

Armed with the Omega Key, Dodge put his plans in motion. First, he used the Giant Key to obtain the Crown of Shadows that Tyler left on top the lighthouse, destroying the structure. Using the shadows, he got pass the Great Lock and activated the pumps to drain the water in the Drowning Caves, giving him access to the Black Door.[25] Dodge was later attacked by Rufus, who had been told by Bode that Dodge took his body, but was saved by Tyler.[26] The night of the school prom, Nina caught Dodge slipping out of the house, and Dodge used the shadows to force Nina to drink alcohol.[27] Pretending to be Bode, Dodge went to Kinsey, at the after prom party in the Drowning Caves, said Duncan was hurt, luring Kinsey and her friends deeper into the caves. However, Jackie took notice that the formerly wrecked catwalk was now repaired, and Kinsey, seeing him wearing the Crown of Shadows, began to suspect him as well. Seeing his cover blown, Dodge had the shadows attack Kinsey and her classmates, while also having them attack people outside the caves who would help, and caving in the entrance to the caves, trapping the students.[28] In the caves, Dodge had the shadows gather and kill students and because he had the Omega Key, he was able to infect some of them with his siblings, such as Scot and Jackie, as well as providing them with keys.[29]

After Jordan killed herself to save Kinsey and Jamal, Dodge brought them to the Black Door, revealing that he no longer wanted to bring forth a massive army of demons, but wanted to bring a select number in and make more keys from the discarded siblings. Tyler arrived, as expected by Dodge, and Tyler was taken prisoner, not appearing to have any keys on him. Dodge planned to use the Head Key, and empty Kinsey's mind, as he did to Erin Voss years ago, but as he reached for the key, the memories of Erin hung onto the key, and removed the Shadow Key from the Crown of Shadows, making the shadows vanish. Meanwhile, Tyler uses the newly crafted Alpha Key on the infected students, to turn the demons into Whispering Iron, and Dodge fled up the ladder to escape.

A1 Rufus defeats Dodge

Rufus drags Dodge into the wellhouse, causing the echo to fade

After escaping the caves, Tyler follows behind and Dodge threatens to return, but is grabbed by Rufus Whedon. Thanks to the information provided by the late Sam Lesser, Rufus knew to grab the Echo Key, as he dragged Dodge to the Wellhouse. He unlocked the Wellhouse door and dragged Dodge into the structure, causing the Echo to fade from Bode's body.[1]

A2 Alpha Key on Dodge

Tyler uses the Alpha Key on Dodge, permanently destroying the demon

Days later, after Bode's funeral, Tyler returned to the Wellhouse and used the Echo Key to call on Lucas. Lucas returned, though still infected with the demon. Tyler, wishing to give Lucas's soul peace from its influence, used the Alpha Key on the echo, turning the demon inside Lucas into Whispering Iron, and ending the demon known as Dodge for good. The remains of Dodge faded with Lucas as Tyler carried the echo's body out of the Wellhouse.[30]

Known Victims[]

The following is a list of characters directly killed by Dodge:

Dodge has also killed two orderlies tending to Erin Voss (slit throat, stabbed), at least one more student (killed by shadows in attack at Drowning Cave), and a police officer (killed by shadows in the attack at Keyhouse).


  • Luke/Dodge/Zack is often associated with a wolf. Examples include when he uses the Animal Key to turn into one and his shadow becomes a wolf with the Crown of Shadows.



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