Daniel Mutuku was a detective that has been handling the cases of Sam Lesser's escape and death, and the deaths of Candice Whedon and Joe Ridgeway.


When Daniel was young, his mother insisted he enroll in fencing lessons, as she believed they would save his life.[1]

Welcome to LovecraftEdit

Daniel Mutuku first introduced himself to the Locke family to inform them of the escape of Sam Lesser. Though he claimed there was very little chance that Sam would come after them in Lovecraft, Daniel offered to have the children escorted to school in a police vehicle.[2]

Crown of ShadowsEdit

While heading to Keyhouse, Daniel Mutuku was stopped by Dodge, using the Shadow Key. Dodge then used the Head Key to convince Daniel to leave, unaware of the danger the Locke children were in.[3]

Keys to the KingdomEdit

After noticing Ellie Whedon's distress over the death of Joe Ridgeway, Daniel realized that her mother, Candice Whedon, had the same fatal injuries as Sam Lesser. He phoned the Whedon household, where Rufus Whedon implicated Ellie's supposed nephew, Zack Wells. He arrived at the Whedon house shortly after Tyler Locke had confirmed that Zack was really Dodge. Daniel fought off Dodge, but was eventually injured, and was unable to prevent the kidnapping of Bode Locke or death of Ellie Whedon.[4]


Daniel was called by Nina Locke, who had been attacked by Dodge while controlling the body of Bode Locke. Daniel arrived at Keyhouse with another police officer, who fired at one of the living shadows, but hit Tyler Locke instead.[5] The officer was killed by the shadows immediately after. Duncan Locke managed to keep the shadows at bay while Daniel brought Tyler's body into Keyhouse.

In the manor, Nina Locke recalled the effects of the Mending Key, and used the cabinet to restore Tyler, much to the shock of Daniel.[6]


As the shadows overran Keyhouse, Daniel and Nina Locke split away from Duncan and Tyler Locke. Daniel was able to save Nina from a shadow, who's taking the form of Al Grubb, but was killed in progress by the Centurion shadow.

His body remained in Keyhouse before it was set ablaze.[7]


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