The following is a list of cultural references in the Locke and Key series.

Welcome to LovecraftEdit

Welcome to Lovecraft #2Edit

  • Bode references a variant of Whack-a-Mole called Whack-a-Bode, that Tyler used to play with him.

Welcome to Lovecraft #3Edit

  • The book Kinsey is reading is The Pride of Baghdad, a graphic novel by Brian K. Vaughan.

Welcome to Lovecraft #4Edit

  • The graphic on Bode's t-shirt is similar to the Transformers logo.

Welcome to Lovecraft #5Edit

  • Bode compares his talks with the Lady in the Well to having his own E.T.

Welcome to Lovecraft #6Edit

  • In Kinsey's room, there is a posterd of Bob Marley.
  • In Tyler's room, there are posters of the 49ers cheerleaders, and 30 Days of Night.

Head GamesEdit

Head Games #1Edit

  • Joe Ridgeway references various Shakespearean works, including The Tempest, Hamlet, Julius Caesar, and The Riverside.
  • Zack is reading "On Evil", by Thomas Aquinas.

Head Games #2Edit

  • Kinsey and Joe Ridgeway reference Hamlet by Shakespeare.
  • The comic Kinsey is reading is Tank Girl.

Head Games #3Edit

  • In Bode's head, Space Invaders can be seen.

Head Games #4Edit

  • Zack and Kinsey reference Doug Henning and Criss Angel's magic.

Head Games #5Edit

  • Zack sings "Head Games" by Foreigner.

Head Games #6Edit

Crown of ShadowsEdit

Crown of Shadows #1Edit

  • Zack is wearing a t-shirt with Inky the ghost from Pacman.

Crown of Shadows #2Edit

  • Jamal References "Life of Samuel Johnson", by James Boswell.
  • Scot references James Cameron's "Titanic" after jumping into the cold water.

Crown of Shadows #3Edit

  • Tyler reads Peter Pan to Bode.
  • Bode's shadow resembles Peter Pan.
  • When wearing the shadows, Zack briefly becomes Jughead from Archie Comics.

Crown of Shadows #4Edit

  • The radio DJ announces that the next song will be by Elvis Costello.

Crown of Shadows #5Edit

Crown of Shadows #6Edit

Keys to the KingdomEdit

Keys to the Kingdom #1Edit

The art style during the bird segments is an homage to Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson.

Keys to the Kingdom #2Edit

  • Tyler says that the Fencing Club is "roughly as cool as being in the World of Warcraft club".
  • Tyler tells Kinsey if she wants to investigate Erin Voss, she can play Nancy Drew herself.
  • Bode is reading "Yukon, Ho!" a Calvin and Hobbes book.
  • The McClellan workers talking in the bar talk about Leatherface and Freddy Kreuger.
  • In McClellan's waiting room, Bode reads "Wolves in the Walls" to two patients.

Keys to the Kingdom #3Edit

  • Zack drinks from a mug with Pacman on it.
  • Jordan complaining about her professor is a (much more profane) reference to Kitty Pryde's, "Professor Xavier is a jerk" from Uncanny X-Men v1 #168. 

Keys to the Kingdom #4Edit

  • The Squadron Strange cover is done in classic Stan Lee style. It also refers to "Two-Fisted Tales".
  • The serial number Sam lists to Rufus, 867-5309, is a reference to the song, 867-5309/Jenny, by Tommy Tutone.

Keys to the Kingdom #5Edit

  • Brian references Doctor Phil to Tyler.
  • At the fencing tournament, Tyler refers to Zack as Zorro.
  • Zack calls Tyler "Sherlock Holmes" when talking about his detective skills.


Clockworks #1Edit

  • Harm Timmerman's dying words, "Shub-Niggarauth", is a reference to a deity in the Cthulu Mythos of H.P. Lovecraft.

Clockworks #3Edit

  • Naked Gun was a movie.
  • O.J. Simpson
  • Charlie's Angels

Clockworks #6Edit

  • Mark's note to Ellie has an image of Pacman and Ms Pacman on it.
  • Among the shadows when Dodge is stripping Erin Voss's memory is a Ninja Turtle.
  • Dodge's dying words, "Shub-Niggarauth", is a reference to a deity in the Cthulu Mythos of H.P. Lovecraft.


Omega #3Edit

Another Squadron Strange cover, in classic war comic style

Omega #3Edit

  • Scot and Jamal re-enact the blood-drop scene from Carrie.
  • The Beach Boys song Jordan mentions to Tyler is "Little Deuce Coupe".


Alpha #2Edit

The F-Variant cover by Dave Sim is an homage to Amazing Spiderman #29.