Crown of Shadows #4
Release Date March 17, 2010
Writer Joe Hill
Art Gabriel Rodriguez
Colors Jay Fotos
Letters Robbie Robbins
Editing Chris Ryall
Previous Locke & Key: Crown of Shadows #3
Next Locke & Key: Crown of Shadows #5

Locke & Key: Crown of Shadows #4, Shadow Play is the sixteenth issue of the series.


Tyler Locke has been captured by the dark lady and the shadows she's taken control of and is questioning Tyler about the Omega Key and Echo Key.

Meanwhile, Kinsey Locke's been captured by her own shadow, but she escapes using a bright flashlight and her shadow steals the Head Key. Kinsey then finds Bode Locke in the kitchen. Unfortunately, the shadows turn out the power and storm them. Since Daniel Mutuku arrives, some of the shadows ambush him and use the head key on him so he's manipulated into leaving. They also find the Echo key on him.

Kinsey and Bode use the flashlight to steal the two keys away from the shadows. To stop them, the dark lady gathers the shadows to her and forms a giant shadow wolfman. When Tyler sees this wolf, he finds the Giant Key and uses it on the keyhole window, changes into a giant and faces the dark lady again.


  • On page 9, Tyler says "I can't wait to [...] get large on you, bitch.", which is probably another foreshadowing of him using the Giant Key.
  • Luke/Dodge/Zack is often associated with a wolf. Such as when he uses the Animal Key and the shadow behind him when he's in the Drowning Cave.
  • On page 12, Bode says his shadows "just gave up" and thinks he didn't want to take him prisoner. This is later explained by Sam Lesser saying "The shadows serve [...] sometimes reluctantly, but always faithfully." in Keys to the Kingdom 4.
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