Outstanding. There's always a place on the squad for a big guy with an unconrtollable, possibly pathological impulse to hit people.

–Brinker Martin, Head Games #2

Brinker Martin is a student at Lovecraft Academy, and the captain of the school's hockey team.


Head GamesEdit

Brinker is seen in the Lovecraft Academy, along with another student.


Brinker was briefly interviewed by Scot Kavanaugh for the graduation film.[1] At the party in the Drowning Cave, Brinker played the guitar for two girls. When Dodge attacked with the Shadow Key, Brinker was among the students pulled to the lowest level of the cave.[2]


Brinker was chosen to be part of Dodge's new "family": people possessed by demons Dodge allowed through the Black Door. Chosen along with Brinker was Scot Kavanaugh, Jackie Veda, and two female students. When Tyler Locke arrived and used the Alpha Key on Scot, Brinker was beaten unconscious by Jamal Saturday in the confusion.[3]



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