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The Anywhere Key is one of the Keys created by Benjamin Locke.


Graphic Novel[]

Comic Anywhere Key

Dodge takes the Anywhere Key from Kinsey's bracelet

The Anywhere Key was forged by Benjamin Locke some time between June 2nd - 24th, 1775[1]

In 1915, John Locke used the key to get to Europe to fight Germans in World War One. He later used it to connect a Keyhouse door to the Titanic, in an attempt to destroy Keyhouse and kill himself.

In 1927, Mary Locke gave the Anywhere Key to Alex Burgess, so when he left, she could use Dream's symbols of power, in an effort to save her brother from Hell. By the time she leaves the dream world, and awakens, Burgess returns with the key, and hands it back to her, having visited all the places he wanted to go to.

Kim Topher, Rendell's high school girlfriend bore the bracelet housing the Anywhere Key during their high school days. Rendell later gave the bracelet to Kinsey Locke telling her "believing in yourself is the key to being a complete person. If you've got the key it can unlock any door and take you wherever you want to go."[2]

Bode found the Anywhere Key in Kinsey's bracelet while in ghost form and concentrating on locating it, and gave it to Dodge when she promised to stop Sam when he held Bode's family hostage. Dodge used the Anywhere Key to escape the wellhouse without fading, and would continue to use the key in the plans against the Lockes.[3]

After Dodge was defeated, Tyler would carry the key on a keychain with most of the other keys.[4]

Netflix Series[]

Bode finds the Anywhere Key

Bode finds the Anywhere Key in Kinsey's bracelet.

The Anywhere Key is the first key found by Bode Locke after he learns of the key's existence from the "Echo" in the Wellhouse. He finds the key in Kinsey's bracelet and — drawing on what the Echo told him about the keys — uses the key to open a door to the ice cream shop in Kinsey's room. He initially doesn't believe and tries to show Kinsey the power of the key by transporting her to the Effiel Tower. He is disappointed, however, when he uses the key but it is unable to open a door to the tower.

Bode gives Echo the Key

Bode gives the Echo the Anywhere Key.

He consults with the "Echo", who tells him that the key only works if the user has seen a door in the location they wish to travel. With this, Bode understands that the key is not all-powerful. Later, in return for advising him on how to save his mother from the Mirror Key, he gives the Echo the Anywhere Key, and she uses it to leave the Wellhouse.

The Echo (or "Well Lady", as Bode began to call her) used the Anywhere Key in her plans against the Locke family. After seducing Tyler, he obtained the Anywhere Key, and when he saw that the woman couldn't take the key from him, he realized she was the Well Lady Bode warned about and fled, using the Anywhere Key to escape to Keyhouse. However, Sam took the Anywhere Key from Tyler, and when the Well Lady arrived at Keyhouse, she simply stabbed Sam and stole all the keys in his possession.

While explaining the history of the Keepers of the Keys, Ellie reveals that Rendell took the Anywhere Key and the Omega Key when the Keepers split them up.[5]

During the premiere of Scot's movie, Nina witnesses Dodge, in the form of Gabe, using the key to vanish with Eden through one door before emerging by herself through the men's bathroom door, greatly confusing her.[6]

The Anywhere Key later returns to the Lockes' possession when the possessed Eden Hawkins uses it to return the Music Box to Kinsey's room. Eden puts it down on the dresser and has to leave it there when Duncan comes to check up on the Music Box. He then finds and takes the key, unaware of its purpose.[7]

When Tyler and Erin Voss review Erin's memory of Rendell hiding the Memory Key, they see him using the Anywhere Key to go to Matheson Academy.[8]

At Bode's request, Tyler lends him the Anywhere Key so that he can go visit Rufus in Nebraska, trading him the Hercules Key for it.[9]

Javi later gets the key and Eden eventually gets the key back from him by killing him and then shoving him through a door to the desert.[10]

After the death of Dodge, Eden summons an Echo of Captain Frederick Gideon. After killing Eden, Gideon takes the Anywhere Key and uses it to escape the Wellhouse.[11]

When the Lockes toss all of the keys into Gideon's portal, Kinsey tosses in the Anywhere Key.[12]


When this key is inserted into any door with a keyhole, the door becomes a portal to any other door in the world even if the door unlocked by the Anywhere Key happens to be just a door panel simply hinged to an uninstalled door frame with literally nothing behind it. Regardless of the shape of the lock, the key will magically fit in it. The magic of the key also applies to, not just a building door, but also car doors as well.[13]

The key also works on other objects besides doors, such as drawers, like when Fiona Locke used it to connect a way between the Crown of Shadows Chamber and John Locke's room through the drawers, so John could sneak into the chamber.[14] The key also can be used on gates and even trunks.[15]

For the key to work, it requires its destination to be a place the user can clearly visualize, making it work best towards locations where the person had actually been before due to being already familiar with them.[16][17] Conversely, the key cannot take its user to an area that the user does not know or have a mental picture of.[16] For Echoes, this key has the added advantage of permitting them to leave the confines of the Wellhouse without going through the structure's entrance, allowing an Echo to exit and roam the outside world after passing through another doorway enabled so by the Anywhere Key.

In the Netflix series, the user of the key must have seen a door of the location they wish to travel.[18] For example, Bode was unable to use the key to travel to the Eiffel Tower as he has never seen a door there.

Guide to the Known Keys entry[]

Anywhere Key Excerpt

"used the key to anyplaice again, to return to Boston & gather intelaigents for Crais. 'Tis an act of terryble wychcraift, but better I do it, than my sister, who is obsessed with REVENGING herself upon the RED-COATS for thair violence against our father & brother & belov'd maither: Aye, my dreadd of being called to acconnt someday by SATAN HIMSELF is a trifling concern when maiched with my desyre to rid the worlde of the devylls who taik the King's Coyne to do raip & murdur..."