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The Angel Key is one of the Keys created by Benjamin Locke.


In 1915, the key was kept inside the Vault of Shadows by Chamberlin Locke. Through a crafty scheme by Chamberlin's son, John Locke, John procured the key among many other keys as weapons to turn the tide of World War I.[1] Shortly after enlisting into the Allied in Belgium, John ambushed a German camp, where, afterward, he used the key to carry the Crown of Shadows away from the scene. During the Second Battle of Ypres, a heavily-injured John summoned the Angel wings to escape from the approaching soldiers and back to Keyhouse with the Anywhere Key.[2]

In October 1927, Mary donned the wings in the battle against the demon forces of Hell.[3]

In June 1942, Jean Locke donned the key's wings to save a boy named Joe.[4] In 1988, it used by Rendell Locke and his group of friends. Kim Topher used the key to portray Ariel in "The Tempest". It was later used again by Kim, in the Drowning Caves, in an attempt to rescue Duncan Locke from Dodge.[5][6]

Bode finds the Hercules, Angel, and Harlequin Keys

The key was found, years later, by Bode Locke, in a hollow book titled "Keys to the Kingdom", along with the Hercules Key and the Harlequin Key. It was used by the Locke children to escape the Clockwork Owl, controlled by Dodge.[7] When possessed by a demon, Jackie Veda used the key to fly in the caves.[8]

After Dodge was defeated, Tyler kept the key, with most of the other keys on a keychain.[9]

Netflix Adaptation[]

The key was found in the birdhouse by Kinsey after being led to it by the ghost of Sam Lesser while the harness was in the fireplace. Kinsey mistakenly believes that it was Chamberlin's ghost that led her to the key.[10]

During the final battle with Dodge, Kinsey uses it after pretending to jump off of a cliff to her death, eventually knocking the Crown of Shadows off of Dodge's head. After Tyler kills Dodge with the Alpha Key, Kinsey uses the Angel Key to fly them safely out of the crumbling house.[11]


The Angel Key consists of a harness with a large pair of white wings, with the key fitting into the back. Wearing the wings allows the user to fly and carry a considerable amount of weight.[7] The harness can also fly independently of its wearer.[2]

Guide to the Known Keys entry[]

GTKK Angel Key.JPG

(Translated from German[12])

"Oh my God. Oh my God! At dawn, I was outside looking for little Joe. There was a storm and it was pouring rain. Everything seemed sick and unreal to me – like in a nightmare. I ran and ran, totally desperate, and I didn't give a fuck what he was telling Jean about me. If he was dead I wanted to die as well. And then I saw something unbelievable – something that could not actually be in existence, and my knees went soft from surprise and wonderment. I saw Jean fly upwards through the rain, her brother's shattered body in her arms. She carried the harness with her wings, and in the back was the key. I swear she was flying! And she looked as beautiful as a mourning dove."